Your Weekly Essential Wittering

Hiya Volunteers All

It’s exactly a month. One entire month since the shortest day. 52 minutes more daylight today compared with then. R U getting bored with this? Well don’t cos it means spring’s round the corner!

Important bit :-
You actually read these Witterings? Oooh well done! Then you’ll know already that we’ve got to change our charitable status. The changes will be for you to vote on at the next AGM. Just dontcha dare say you don’t know the AGM’s on 12th Feb. With a free buffet. Ok?? (the free buffet bit woke you up, mayhap??)

So – whilst you’re slurping a glass or waving your knife and fork at your tea (or are you posh and call it “dinner”??) some of us are labouring through all the legal gumpf to bring you a brand new Charity Commission-approved constitution adapted to Civic Pride’s needs. It’ll be emailed to you as soon as it’s done, well in advance of the AGM.

The next 7 days ….

Thursday 24th January meet 10am at Haslingden Rd Garden (next to St Mary’s Chambers). It’s hoeing, tidying, litterpicking, weeding and – if we get enough of you out, some particularly perfect pavement-polishing on the Riverside Walk. Ey-oop we dooo have fun. Probably be some chatting going on as well. Btw, it’s Ian’s last attendance with t’Thursday Crew for a while.
Friday 25th Jan 8pm onwards Buffer Stops. Thank you to Mr Parkin Snr who demonstrated his fire-lighting skills in our Buffers room last week. It melted the snow off our coats quite marvellously. Thinks : Friday, it’s Man Utd -v- Arsenal in t’FA Cup 7.55pm on the telly so we might move on. Maybe. Ring the Civic Pride phone 07955 110199 if you get lost/can’t find us.)
Sat 26th/Sun 27th anytime …every weekend many a volunteer’s out doing wonderful stuff round our area at whatever times suit them. Will you be out?? Hope so!
Mon 28th 7.30pm Weir Pride at the Doals Centre, Burnley Rd, Weir village. Monthly meet. (litter-pickin’ by torchlight …. thi mek ’em tough in Weir!)

Keep a lookout for that constitution. It’s coming ….

Big hugs t’you all


PS 15th Jan was a big day – we finally finally and at last got Civic Pride shop reglazed. Thank you Suzy for starting the redecoration!
PPS Yours Truly was grilled by the C.I.D. last week. It was all Civic Pride’s fault. Well, Keith’s, actually. Now there’s a story …..