A Waterfoot Benefit Witter

Amazing, incredible, outstanding were just some of the words used to describe Sunday night’s performance of Breaking the Code, performed at The Millennium Theatre in Waterfoot by Rossendale Players. It’s the story of Alan Turin who was instrumental in breaking the code of the German Enigma machine in WW2 (World War not Weekly Witterings!) If there are any tickets left for the other performances, buy them, you will not be disappointed. Thanks go not only to the Players but also to our very own Anne Dixon for arranging this benefit night, those who gave raffle prizes and sold the tickets (this alone raised £119) and everybody who helped make it a complete sell out! We’ll let you know how much was raised for us soon.
On the subject of money, we have signed up with Just Giving to make it easy for our vast number of supporters to donate either a single amount of money or regular payments. More on this over the coming weeks but in the meantime just login to www.justgiving.com and search for Civic Pride Rossendale or go to www.civic-pride.org.uk and follow the link.
Last week I shared the sad news that one of our Lone Rangers had been admitted for rehab to overcome his litter picking addiction. We’ve had an email from him and it makes ‘interesting’ reading but sadly it’s only available to subscribers to the QT litter app! Nice one Keith.
Welcome to our new recruits (it’s too late to go back now!) and to all our ‘old’ regulars. Over the last week I’ve driven down may different roads in the town and with the exception of Take Away Corner aka Bacup Road and the bypass, I am staggered by the absence of litter. Thank you one and all.
Thursday 12th April meet on the gyratory (the big roundabout mother) to continue the excellent work that Sue Shutt and PamO started last Sunday. The plan is to clear the Northern end and make it low maintenace and attractive ( I can feel a tarmac moment coming on)! All will be revealed once we actually know what we’re going to do with it! On a serious note, please always use the pelican crossing outside the art gallery to access the roundabout!
Friday 13th (Honest!) 10am meet Kathy and the Haslingden group at Regents Street to start on regenerating the small park
Saturday 14th 10am continue what was started on Friday in Haslingden
Monday 16th 10am at Trickett’s Memorial Garden, Burnley Road East, Waterfoot. The bushes have been cut back, the steps repaired and the planting started. Be part of this amazing project.
Our revered Chair will be back to write next weeks drivel witterings unless he’s suffering from jet lag…but how will we know?