Hello Lovelies

Our Social Media Guru Jackie posted a Civic Pride Facebook item last week. ‘Twas all about our ingenious watering methodology (getcha self into F’b, even if it’s just to see this one thing!). The public response was wonderful – an avalanche, nay a paean, of fulsome thanks and praise for our volunteers (that’s you, innit?) and for the clean and blossoming town we’ve created. WOW!

Anyhow, this’ll be a fairly brief Witter. Only one topic, really. Watering. We know how the Ancient Mariner felt …… Watering teams were out on 3 days last week but – lots and lots of our plants are desiccating, hanging on by their drying roots. We’ve not got enough waterers! Please get in touch with Pam if you can help (pam@civic-pride.org.uk).

THURS 19TH JULY meet 10am on the Town Square. It’ll be a massive watering effort – big containers, watering trollies, watering cans – The van’s watering system will be employed putting a few hundred gallons on Haslingden Rd Gardens so everyone else, please, to t’Square. There may be the odd weed pulled as well but mostly – well, it’s THAT job, initt??

FRI 20TH We’re watering ourselves at Civic Pride’s traditional watering hole Buffer Stops 8pm onwards

SUN 22ND Once again we suspect we’ll get no significant rain this week, so there may well be a call for watering teams. Please contact Pam if you can help – only 6 of us last Sunday …. hmmmm!

MON 23RD 9.30AM Trickett’s Memorial Ground Gang need help from YOU (picture the pointy finger??). They’d love to see you.

OH, IT’S NOT QUITE A ONE TOPIC WITTER BECAUSE ….. – our brothers ‘n’ sisters in Haslingden Bacup and Weir groups are in the RHS comp again this year. Judgement Day is this Thurs (19th). There’s a huge amount of work gone in and we wish ’em all success, a lovely day and – a bit of FUN as well! (PS yer owd Civic Pride’ll be back in it next year!)

Happy Gardening, Picking – and (oh – – nearly forgot) Watering!

Chris PS ok, that watering word’s almost written itself this week. And the result is – – it’s started raining. But be ye not deceived …. it won’t be enough to Save Our Plants!
PPS please note the van’s not available today/tomorrow (Mon and Tuesday).