The Vernal Equinoctal Witter (equinoctal, adjective, from equinox, noun. Ok??)

Good Evening Science Fans
At precisely 10.28am today the subsolar point left the southern hemisphere and crossed the celestial equator. Thus, as predicted in last week’s Witter, we have passed the Vernal Equinox. We have entered that half of the year when the sun is above the horizon for longer within each 24hr period than it is not. Even when it chucks it down all day and we don’t see it. At all. Like today. Yuk!

To Business :
TUESDAY 21ST MARCH 10.00AM MEET NEW ST CAR PARK (corner New St/Helmshore Rd, Haslingden). Our soul bros (& sisters) in Hassy are planting and litterpicking. Please help ’em. Even if it’s only for an hour.

THURSDAY 23RD MEET 9.40AM AT C.P. STORE OR 10.00AM LAYBY, INBOUND-TO-R’STALL SIDE OF BYPASS. We’re bashing brambles, whacking weeds, berating balsam …. and clearing litter. And swigging lovely Lynn’s coffee. No idea where Tesco are these days. Anybody there, please?? Dear reader if you’ve not tried the Thursday crew before be assured of a warm welcome from a happy sociable bunch. New girl Lisa last week thought we were wonderful. Really. Wonderful, and only slightly crackers.

FRIDAY 24TH 8PM ONWARDS BUFFER STOPS. The report from last Friday is that we enjoyed an excellently erudite event, albeit with two of us very soggy. We’d walked there thru that Rawtenstall rain.

SUNDAY 26TH Haslingden Civic Pride, just for once, won’t be doing their regular Sunday Hassy de-littering. It’s Mothering Sunday, hence multiple family stuff going on for many of ’em. If you’re not thus engaged earlier on in the day please get out there* anyway, with dashing litterpicker. Thank you. (* “there” being absolutely anywhere you might find ghastly litter).

ADVANCED NOTICE : SUNDAY 2ND APRIL 10.00AM First-Sunday-In-The-Month gathering, St Mary’s Way (opposite Asda). Tons of woodchip to lay down and the final round of rockery-building. Help from big fellahs, particularly, please. Smaller chaps/chapesses will nonetheless have a vital role so do please help!

ALSO HAPPENING REGULARLY : please check Weir Pride and Bacup Pride Facebook pages for details/advanced notice of when/where they’re operating. Plus – plus – anyone else doing a CP thing they’d like help with …. let me know please and we’ll publicise it — well, Witter it, anyway. (

Regretfully, several O.N.F.Y.E.I.’s (Other Notes For Your Essential Info ……..)
ONFYEI (1)Book Fair 9th April. Details as circulated by Master Grimshaw earlier today.
ONFYEI (2)Secret Gardener Recruits still urgently needed for Town Square, St Mary’s Way central res (Ian??), Riverside Walk, Hassy Rd Garden (part of) and bypass laybys. Fancy it? Pam’s your girl! (see below)
ONFYEI (3)SOME SECRET GARDENERS are bravely considering entering their CP garden for the RHS’s “It’s Your Neighbourhood” comp. All SG’s please make sure Pam ( or Helen ( know if you want to have a go. Civic Pride support available for all the lovely SG’s wanting to take the plunge.
ONFYEI (4)Social Media Guru Jackie needs lots of photos for putting on CP’s F’b/Twitter/Instagram pages. Particularly, we LURV dramatic before-and-after stuff. That’s to Thanks guys!
ONFYEI (5)Free Press have printed a letter from Yours Truly. Heavily edited, not the letter as sent to ’em. Please ignore it!!

Onwards, upwards, an’ DO gerrout there, lovely people!