T’Witters – Oh not another …..

Dear Long-Suffering Civic Pride Adherents

How many Witterings landed last week? Not sure, but my ol’ laptop needed a good stiff drink afterwards…. all due, sadly, to sending-out of postponements of our multifarious wonderfully organised Big Spring Clean Litter events.

Your current Witter’s just a few notes and quick info re this week’s sessions :

  1. Hope you got the newsletter ; let us know if you didn’t. Thank you Roger for the immaculate illustrated prose.
  2. Jackie T has a connection for all you wildflower enthusiasts : go to https://www.growwilduk.com/content/seed-kit-applications-2018-now-open for free packet(s) of seeds
  3. AGM outcomes – main details are in last week’s newsletter but I’m adding big thanks to the many volunteers who manage parts of Civic Pride’s organisation ….. make sure we don’t descend into chaos!  : Sue and Barry (outreach) Sue R/D (stores) Hazel (sponsors) Jackie (social media) Josie and Eddie (rivers team) Keith (d-d czar) Lynn (secretarial) plus all the guys ‘n’ gals who lead specific projects and our fellow Pride groups across the borough. Thank you.
  4. Northern Whisper are supporting us financially with donations of 10p for every pint of cask ale sold on Thursdays thro’out 2018. We just need a catchphrase for it : “Thirsty is Civic Pride day” is the best we’ve come up with thus far. Further ideas from CP’s literary whizzes will be appreciated – send ’em in!

This week in a nutshell …….
Weds 7th March 10am Bacup Pride meet at the lockup behind Bacup market
Thurs 8th Civic Pride Rossendale Thursday Crew meet 10am on the bypass layby, inbound-to-Rawtenstall side. Early Spring (ok, optimistic title…) tidy-up and a LOT of litter to clear.
Friday 8pm Buffer Stops (no Chair in attendance this week, so that’s a social bonus)
Monday 13th 9.30am Trickett’s Memorial Ground, Burnley Rd East, Waterfoot – please bring your own gardening tools ’til we get a store sorted there.

Footnotes ….

  • The Big Spring Clean Litter Pick is postponed, not cancelled : we’re going to re-schedule later this month.
  • Go-go-go Lone Rangers and Secret Gardeners! Please keep us in touch with your activities via QT.


Chris    PS please, Lord, let there be no Supplementary Witters this week. We’ve had enuff of ’em ……


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