T’Witterings say “Help Me Rhonda….”

Dear Puzzled of Rossendale,

So to untangle the puzzle of that weird heading …..”Help me Rhonda” – a Beach Boys classic from 1965. You won’t remember it, being so youthful an’ all. But – – never mind Rhonda – just help us perleeeze! Take a look what’s going on and you’ll get the picture …..

Btw, to join in any of these gardening sessions, you DO NOT have to be an expert gardener. The Job Spec. is “Just turn Up” and the Person Spec. is “I wanna help somehow” !!

Weds 2nd Oct 10am Annie’s tlc session, this week on the gyratory (that’s where the CPR train is!!). Ring 01706 551 123 if you’re not sure about the weather allowing this to go ahead (it’ll need to be bad to stop it!) and bring hand tools for gardening please. PS – weather forecast sez chilly but sunshine!
Thurs 3rd 10am The Thursday Crew meet at Hassy Rd Gardens (near St Mary’s Chambers) – we go whatever the Rossie weather’s doing, 52 weeks a year. Crazy? Yup!
Fri 4th 10am The Hassy Crew (= Haslingden. Obvious, innit??) meet at Hassy Market. Love your town and be there!
Fri 4th 8pm onwards …….. well, after all this week’s goings-on you deserve a glass of something and a pat on the back – meet upstairs in Hop, Bank St. (PS Peg, where are you??)
Sun 6th 10am It’s CPR’s First-Sunday-Of-The-Month Crew are at Hassy Rd Gardens, as per Thurs 3rd. Aunty Lynn’s leading this one so please give your support
Sun 6th Hassy & Helmshore Litterpick – for details of meeting venue, email ’em, haslingdencp@outlook.com These guys have cleared countless tons of litter from those streets over the years so do help ’em to pick another kilo or three, clear up another few hundred yards.
Mon 7th 9.30am Trickett’s Memorial Ground Waterfoot. The saga continues.
Mon 7th 10am Bacup Crew meet at the cabin on Bacup Market.
Mon 7th 10am Hassy Crew – as per Fri 4th.
Tues 8th 10am R’stall Cemetery – meet in the woods at the top end of the cemetery, where the Balsam Bashing’s been happening all summer. Clearing the ground and planting native species where the balsam’s been cleared.

I’m exhausted just lookin’ at that list ….. and the Lone Ranger litterpicker-squads and Secret Gardener gangs are – well – additional to all that.

Say it again – what’d the place look like without us? Without you??

More next week!