T’Witter for mid-June (is your central heating on??)

Good Evening Award Winners

Since the announcement of the Queen’s Award, yer actual Civic Pride is getting honourable mentions in every mighty (??) media organ – the Lancs Telegraph, Free Press (thanx, Scribbler – that was luvly), BBC Radio Lancs, and as for social media – well, hundreds of lovely comments on F’book & Twitter. Makes us feel appreciated, wouldn’tcha say? If you don’t know what we’re talking about, just buy a Free Press … it’ll help you to keep up!

Ok, enough of self-congratulatory drivel. Details of “Gerrout there an’ get thi hands dirty” given hereby :-

TODAY! – TUES 13TH MEET 7PM BYPASS LAYBY (the layby adjacent to McD’s [no rude comments please]) We’re joining the Explorer Scouts in fence-painting, shearing the taller weeds, balsam bashing. All help gratefully received. I’ll start it off and Sue R/D will finish the session so will be glad of company!
TODAY AGAIN! – TUES 13TH MEET 7PM HASSY RD GARDENS adjacent to the Latter Day Saints church/St Mary’s Chambers – the lovely crew from Latter Day Saints are doing the weed-pulling so please join ’em if fence-painting ain’t your thing (see previous item, mother, ok??).

WEDS 14TH 10AM BACUP PRIDE GANG – another session on the site of the former Irwell St Baptist , next to Th’Owd Con Club.
WEDS 14TH 5PM TO 7PM The Hassy Crew are out! And they were out on Monday morning as well! I think the venue is planters near New St car park on Lower Deardengate – check with Kathy on kathy.allcock@yahoo.co.uk if you need confirmation. They’ve got plants being delivered at a yet-to-be-confirmed time earlier in the day and help with that’d be good. Contact Kathy. Thanx!

THURS 15TH 9.40 AT CP STORE (behind R’stall market) OR 10AM ON TOWN SQUARE. Thanks to the fab gang who braved the vile weather last Thurs. They’re clearly the stuff of which our noble volunteers are made. This is our last “do” on the T.Sq for several weeks so – – “Are you free?” . Just answer “Yes” !!

FRI 16TH 8PM ONWARDS BUFFER STOPS – I’m not there so a good time to go along, d’you reckon?

SATURDAY 17TH WHITEWELL BOTTOM’S LAST BALSAM-BASH (possibly) : 10am on that embankment : leave cars on Community Centre car park (it’s on Burnley Rd East, on left coming up from Waterfoot) then walk back towards W’foot and look for Stormin’ Norman and his crew. Coffee & bacon butties afterwards. That embankment was a reet mess (and we know who owns it – now THERE’S a tale!!)

SUNDAY 18TH the Hassy Crew are out ag-ain!! – MARVELLOUS! Meet 10am Tesco car park. Litter-pick Hassy Rd down to All Saints then M/cr Rd time permitting (so that’ll be done as well, then!).

More essential info (sorry!)
1. OUR OUTREACH TEAM, Sue and Barry, do wonderful & largely unsung work with young folk (schools, scouts, guides etc) about the effects of litter and also doing litterpicks with ’em. Their services are in high demand so help’s now needed. Excellent work materials already prep – so can YOU help them? Really suit retired teacher(s) : do you know any? Former-teacher status ISN’T a requirement though – just an interest in what CP does and a desire to pass the message to the next generation. Email sueflint57@gmail.com
2. DINING TRAIN – Sat 30th Sept. East Lancs Railway’s once-a-week elegant epicurean experience (ooh, get that, mother). CP are going. Great nosh, travel and social outing in glorious steam-age format. Organiser Jean Neville. £48 per person but cheques to her this week at the latest. Post to : 1 The Loom, Holcombe Rd Rossendale BB4 4NG. Further info from jeaneville@gmail.com or 077847 69645 – but be quick!
3. SECRET GARDENERS – our quiet (??) heroes/heroine volunteers do a stunning job with our public gardens. Jackie (our social media manager) really wants piks of what you’re doing to stick in F’book/Twitter – before-and-afters if possible but just your latest will be fine. Send to taylorj40@yahoo.co.uk
4. LONE RANGERS – our solo litterpickers have been particularly noticeable recently. Great swathes of litter cleared from Helmshore/Rising Bridge in the west, through to Bacup and Weir in the east. Thank you!
5. THE SOLSTICE Where’s the year gone? Weather permitting we’re going up Whinbury Naze (lovely view of the valley from there) to watch the setting of the sun on the longest day of the year (21st June. Sunset up there’s about 9.30pm). Take cameras and a bottle of fizz to celebrate the turning of the year. Details next week.


PS didja hear us on BBC Radio Lancs last Weds morning then? Sue and Liz were berr-ill-iant!! Thanx ladies!