T’Witter goes (slightly) serious – please read!

Good Evening All

Let’s get the serious AGM stuff done with :
• Lynn will email out the agenda and last year’s minutes during this week
• please read them, print off a copy of each and bring them with you
• there are two other documents to be sent out :
1. our current constitution
2. the draft of the proposed new constitution.
These will be emailed to you within a week from today. Again, please read them, print off a copy of each and bring them with you.

The AGM date is as previously given : Tuesday 12th February 2019, start 6.30pm prompt, venue Rawtenstall Cricket Club (access from the Bacup Rd end of Kay St – there will be a Civic Pride At Work sign at the gate.)

Ok, to this week’s doings : (thought we’d never get to ’em ….)
Weds 30th Bacup Pride are back at it (did they ever stop??) meet 10am at their market cabin, accessed round the back of Forget-Me-Not premises.
Thurs 31st CPR’s Thursday Crew meet 10am at Haslingden Rd Gardens. We got ever-so-slightly (but not completely!) snowed off last week and there’s more snow forecast in the next 48 hours. If we have to cancel, a Supplementary Witter will go out on Weds evening. NO sarky comments about Supp Witters, thank YOU …..
Fri 1st Feb we’re celebrating the end of everyone’s least favourite month (January’s all good resolutions ‘n’ diets, n’est-ce pas?) so it’s 8pm Buffers for a spot of celebrating.
Sun 3rd 10am it’s 1st-Sunday-of-the-month – probably be a mass litterpick. There will be a Supplementary Witter about this one (groan) but we promise not to send out more than one of ’em this week : it’d be more than a body could stand ….

Other stuff – all LUVERLY!
• Jackie’s Facebook item abut Casked : after 140 combined likes and marvellous comments, we stopped counting. Everyone loves ’em – and us too, apparently!
• We’ve had a few more van problems : are Killelea’s helping us out again? O’ course they are!
• I had a session with some BRGS youngsters on Sunday : what a well mannered, rational, sensible, delightful bunch they were. Restores one’s faith in humanity (tho’ to be honest, most folk are ok so not THAT much restoring needed). Huge thanks to Sue ‘n’ Barry for supporting the session – totally invaluable pair!
• Civic Pride “shop” – it’s been sold and we may have to shift out quickly BUT we’ve been talking to the new owners and they seem happy for us to stay for now. Will keep you updated on that.
That’s it – well, ’til the Supplementary Witter comes to clog up your inbox!