T’Witter for 4th Sept 2017

Good evenin’ All

Let’s start off backwards – the “Other Stuff” [O.S.] comes first – have a quick butchers at it (it’s not painful…)

O.S. (1) great turnout last Sunday – the inbound layby lookin’ good again. Thanks Pam and crew XX
O.S.(2) the Hobblin’ Womble Support Assn (hiya Peg!) want to know when we’re going to develop a litterpickin’ system for people on crutches. All your gloriously-constructive ideas gratefully received.
O.S. (3) our wunderbar Operations Officer (that’s Helen – you luvly guys just check out the CP website sharp-ish before she goes!) had to resign, accepted very (really, very) reluctantly ….A huge heartfelt thank you to the crazy girl for all she’s done with us, especially on the gardens front, these past 4 years. Oh-so-grateful to her, and to Pam & Sue C.R. for stepping into the breach to take over some of our Working Girl’s responsibilities.
O.S.(4) RHS celebration : we’re invited to the Royal Horticultural Society’s bash for the It’s Your Neighbourhood Awards day. We entered 5 gardens for this comp and we never come away empty-handed so it’ll be a good day. Venue is Southport Convention Centre 1st Nov 2017 10.30am onwards. Tickets £22 which includes morning coffee + a rather good lunch. You wanna join us? Email the excellent Mr Grimshaw on roger@civic-pride.org.uk Transport etc sorted nearer the time. Come ooooon Secret Gardeners!

Ok, to work for t’week :(there’s bound to be more than this goin’ on but this is all the event info that’s been sent in – at least, all the events we can broadcast without being investigated ….. )

WEDS 6TH SEPT meet 10am Owd Con Club Bacup for a further Bacup-smartening session. Rain or shine, ok? Marvellous dedication!
WEDS 6TH meet 5pm next to the library in Haslingden. Help the CP Hassy crew plant, tidy, l/pick – all the essential bits for making the town look great.
THURS 7TH meet 9.30am at the CP Store or 10am on the Town Square R’stall : more planting, tree-trimming and weeding, especially the bed outside Ladbrokes which has the odd weed or ten, but o’course that won’t be all : izzit ever?? Special welcome to new-guy Dave Lilley who’s joined the regular incredibly-friendly crew.
FRIDAY 8TH meet 8pm onwards at Buffer Stops for badinage & beer. There’s a rumour that Duncan’ll find his way there this week. Just for the one, y’understand, so we’re fit & ready for ……..
SAT 9TH meet 10am outside t’Co-op Waterfoot for Deborah’s Monster Litter Pick. deborah.deborah.lord@gmail.com for info Come oooon Waterfootians, make your area look fan-tas-tic! You’ll finish in time for the next 2 items!
SAT 9TH/SUNDAY 10TH it’s the 60’s weekend! Just gerrout there for some fun (google 60’s weekend Rossendale website for info) and to marvel how everyone wants to come to Rossy cos you lot’ve got it looking so fantastic
SAT 9TH 1 TIL 4PM New Kirk Fair, Community Gardens Newchurch (all part of the 60’s weekend) then Boars Head 6-9pm Check newchurch-village.co.uk for all the inside info
SUN 10TH no organised Hassy litterpick so Lone Rangers go ‘n’ do your thang around town. Ta!

Are Latter Day Saints out, Tracey?? Weir Pride, how’re y’doing??

Talking of Lone Rangers/Secret Gardeners – I drove past the Old Fold Garden late this afternoon – ’twas full of SG’s (= Secret Gardeners, ok?) all going at it. Hey ladies, just guess who the bloke in the car was who yelled at you….
And keep 21st Oct free in your social diaries, 11am ’til 3pm. More info to come but oh my The Event of T’Year!

Would just LURV to see you out doin’ your bit – needn’t take long : if everyone just did a bit, then ……


Chris PS “another dam’ good Witter ….” – yet more unsolicited praise heaped on the dreaded Witterings, a direct quote from an appreciative audience. Glad to oblige, ma’am!