Itsa Mega Litter Witter for a Mega Litter Week

Good Evening Lovely Troops!

Thanks :-
1. … to last Thursday’s Gang who braved Storm Doris (or was it Deidre? – can’t remember) to do a wonderful job on the Hassy Rd Gardens. Drenched and blown to bits but we did it. When the goin’ gets tough, eh?
2. …. to Ben The Litter Manager (aka Litter’ead) for a beautifully-organised session last Saturday. Pity the weather didn’t co-operate. 15 brave souls with their pickers n bags, some of us soaked to the skin for the 2nd time in 48 hours. Delighted to see Alyson B with us, plus 3 new guys. Marvellous. And The Whitaker for vital hot coffee afterwards.
3. …to Civic Pride Haslingden, also out en masse on Saturday, thereby proving that anti-litter insanity ain’t confined to R’stall!
4. …to Sue & Pete for providing particularly perfect pancakes for us all on Sunday afternoon. Delightful hospitality, convivial afternoon!
5. …to Helen, our Operations Officer (aka Special Ops aka Sopps ..) for super-informative Handbook of CP’s Gardens. It’s designed to help our Secret Gardeners. The only way to get one is – to become one (if y’see worra mean, mother) and well done Grimmers for getting’ em printed. Jokin’ aside, they’re really good
6. …to Lone Rangers and Secret Gardeners crackin’ on with it, 7 days a week. U wanna be involved?? See PS below
THIS WEEK ..usual stuff AND we’ve got a Great Spring Clean going ALL weekend
TUESDAY 28TH FEB – can’t let the passing of February Filldyke pass unmarked … Spring’s on its way, guys!!
WEDS 1ST MARCH 7PM BOARS HEAD NEWCHURCH – giving the Residents’ Association there some ideas (we’ve only got the one, so “ideas”, in the plural, mite be difficult…)
THURSDAY 2ND 9.40am at the store or 10am bypass layby, outbound from R’stall side. Hawthorn hedge to plant, trees to trim, stone edging to clear, weeds, and if poss, brambles to attack on the layby opposite.
FRIDAY (same day, strangely) 8pm onwards, Buffers. I’m elsewhere so that’ll improve the evening’s tone.
SATURDAY 4TH MEET 10AM WATERFOOT MAIN CAR PARK (opposite Royal Hotel [is it still open?]). Huge area litterpick :- starting with Waterfoot centre, Bacup Rd, Warth Old Rd.
SUNDAY 5TH MEET 10AM CARRS INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, junction of St Crispins Way/Bentwood Rd/Flip Rd, with CP Haslingden. The area’s much improved since CP’s initiative there last year but still loads to do.

Not much goin’ on then …..

• We’re getting more reports of fly-tipping. It helps Rossie Council to act on ’em if they’re consistent SO please send ’em in to flytipping@civic-pride.org.uk and we’ll get ’em sorted. Include the exact location, description of what’s been dumped plus photo if poss. Thanks!
• You may get sudden phone call from the Free Press or other newspaper/news medium asking for CP’s views on some hot topic (which happens an amazin’ amount these days). Please refer ’em to our Vice-Chair bloke (roger@civic-pride.org.uk). It’s too easy to get caught on the hop when asked for an immediate opinion on things and what you DIDN’T mean then gets printed/broadcast.
• We know other “Pride” groups are getting Litter Weekend events going but we’ve no details yet. Will let you know as soon as we have.
Ok, last time I’ll bang on about this (well, last time f’r this evening anyway) – Civic Pride’s 2016 “Clean for the Queen” (it was Her Maj’s 90th, remember?) weekend? Fffantastic results! Civic Pride’s 2017 Great Spring Clean??? – that, luvly reader, is down to you … together we can do it, without you, we – um – well – just can’t.

See ya this week!

Chris PS there’s just always a PS – more info on Lone Rangering and/or Secret Gardening? Email us on info@civic-pride.org.uk It’s THAT easy.