Is today some sort of special Witterings date?

Well there we are, another year older and no wiser! If these witterings appear lucid, interesting and sensible, please don’t panic, it’s just that Blom has decided to start the New Year with man flu! I suggest you stay on the left if you walk up Union Street, I’ll ask Environmental Health to paint a large red cross on his door. Actually I’m not sure it’s fair to joke about it because at his age……………..

Hopefully you all had a great Christmas including those dedicated souls who went out picking litter on Christmas Day! I was in Sheffield but picked up a few cans to keep my hand in and make me feel self righteous!

2019 is now here which is another milestone for CPR – it’s 10 years since Herr Blomerley took over as Chair. Unfortunately there are not many pictures available of what Rawtenstall was like but try and remember if you can (I genuinely struggle to picture it). Suffice it to say that all the gardens were derelict, the litter was ankle deep, the Valley Centre was full of ne’er do wells, the Sun Inn was still closed after the landlord was imprisoned for drug dealing and frankly it was not the most attractive place to live.

Look at it now. Colourful, vibrant and clean with successful retailers filling the local shops together with bars and restaurants. Property prices shooting up as people from the South move in (Manchester that is)!

However,down to business. This week I have no details from the other groups so I suggest you look at the relevant Facebook pages.

In Rawtenstall 10am Thursday 3rd January, Phipps car park (opposite La Turka) for a general tidy up. Buffers 8pm Friday night for fine ales and convivial company.

Here’s to a successful New Year for your favourite charity and a rapid return to good health for Chris!

Roger G