The AGM Witter

Evenin’ All Lovely Volunteers

A couple of bitsa stuff details first :
1. the old Civic Pride gmail account is now closed ( as we either use personal accounts or, better, derivatives of We’ve had problems with it and closing it’s the best option as we’ve got very viable alternatives
2. as Civic Pride continues to grow and progress, we’re again looking at ways of spreading the backroom workload (ie all the stuff we do which isn’t directly picking litter and gardening) across more of our volunteers. These are what we call managers’ posts (we’ve got Trustees, and elected Exec officers who are supported by managers). Two current vacancies are Stores and Sponsorship ; and two new posts are Watering Team Leader and Engineering. After the AGM we’ll be looking for folk to fill these posts so if you think you can help, please approach the newly-elected officer team after the AGM.
3. Officer vacancy – there will be at least one post to fill, that of Litter Officer. Ben Parkin has given us a generous amount of notice (thanks Ben – that is really really appreciated!) he won’t be doing it after the AGM due to young family and demands of a new job. All other posts are up for nominations as well, of course (Chair, Vice Chair, Finance, Admin and Gardens).
4. did you hear Radio Lancs, week yesterday ((3rd Feb)? – oh what a treat. Not!
This week :

Tues 12th Feb 6.30 prompt – – is there anyone who doesn’t know it’s the AGM?? Venue Rawtenstall Cricket Club. Please read and print off all the documentation which has been emailed out this past couple of weeks. Won’t bore you by listing it all again! See you there.
Thurs 14th Feb 10am – – (that date has a familiar ring ….) come and join the Thursday Crew Love-In! We’re being organised by Sue Shutt who’s asking us to meet at the Hurst Lane end of the footpath which runs between Alder Grange school and the cemetery. If you don’t know the area, directions as follows : from R’stall Market go UP Newchurch Rd ; 3rd left into Union St ; at the top turn right into Hurst Lane.
Fri 15th – Lord knows ….. tho Peg & I had a very jolly time at Buffers last week!



PS more van-fixing tomorrow ……