That was the summer Witter

Evenin’ All,

We had two days almost perfect sunshine : put it in thi diary cos the doomsayers are saying that’s it for 2018!

But we’re perenially optimistic, out there regardless, so c’mon boys an’ girls, this is where we are : –

Weds 25th 10am Bacup Pride group – no details to hand but go to for info
Thurs 26th 10am junction of Hollin Lane/Hollin Way/Calder Rd – for out-of-towners joining us, Hollin Lane is off Burnley Rd, about half a mile north of R’stall. Still confused? (well, yeah…) follow signposts for Alder Grange High School and look out for multiple C. Pride hi-viz. We’re on Sue’s Round-The-Bend project (just who gave it that name??) and this week there’s the odd ton of topsoil to play with. Don’t forget your mug for Aunty Lynn’s coffee. Rain or shine, ok??
Friday 27th 8pm Buffer Stops for a jar (in Pam’s case, a very big Hendrick’s ….) and a jaw. Buffers is being rebuilt but we still had a jolly time last week amidst the brickbats and plaster.
Saturday 28th Weir Pride’s monthly bash 10am approx at the Doals Centre go to or to their Facebook page (thank you Mr Zuckerberg) for info.
Monday 30th 9.30 Trickett’s Memorial Ground Burnley Rd East Waterfoot for the next stage of reclamation. That project’s been awarded shedloads of £££ (well done Charlotte!) so go an’ help them spend it – and help ’em dig a bit as well!
Early notice : Sun 6th May – a vital first-Sunday-of-the-month “Do” ……… details next week

And finally …..
• TESCO TOKENS PERLEEEZE!! Just to repeat, for new readers (there are some, apparently) when you Tesco shop (R’stall or Hassy Tesco) make sure you get a blue token at the checkout and pop it in the Civic Pride slot in the voting box on the way to the exit. There’s serious money riding on this which we need for the Riverside Walk project. Get your friends neighbours family doin’ it and spreading the word. Vote Civic Pride!! Only one week to go!!
• Daisy Group, a wonderful firm with a Burnley base, are spending 3 days with us on 2nd, 11th and 30th May, getting their hands in the soil. 2nd May session is on the bypass, meeting at the outbound layby. All support welcome, 10am onwards. Free lunch!!
• A lovely message into our website yesterday from a Grange Cres resident who saw a Civic Pride Lone Ranger doing a Sunday evening litterpick … we think we know who that LR was but you attracted fulsome praise which went on to include the transformational work of all our CP volunteers. (why doesn’t Spellcheck know “transformational”??). Good eh? – but dead right!
• Sue Shutt’s taken a day off today …. we think that’s the first for a couple of months ….!!
With a sigh of relief, you’ve reached the end of This Week’s Witterings but – more next week. Sorry.