Thank-the-Lord-that’s-over Witterings

Happy New Year Civic Priders everywhere!! ‘Tis 2018 (you knew that?). Your new year resolution (c’mon, you’ve got one!) ….. make an impact on where you live!!

First, thanks to ……
• Pam – organiser of our newly replanted barrier baskets/hanging baskets … have you seen them all, lovely reader??
• Simon & Matt for putting up the hanging baskets
• Ben for last week’s mass end-of-year litterpick and to all the guys ‘n’ gals who supported it
• ALL the Lone Rangers who’ve already started their 2018 anti-litter patrols. Lots of postings on our QT reporting site. Have you started yet? Go on, give it half an hour! Today??
• Suzy & Co for the creatively-artistic seasonal decs in the Civic Pride shop window.
• Mike and Amanda Jones, owners of Casked (R’stall’s newest bar – it’s next to our shop!) for diverting ALL their tips towards CP … £40 in the first week. A truly lovely gesture!
• Peter Connolly’s family for the wonderful donation to us, collected around the time of Peter’s funeral. Peter was a real community man and we’re delighted and honoured to be a part of his remembrance.
This week …. lots of individual efforts going on, but just the one needing a gang :

Thursday 4th Jan 2018, meet 9.30 at the store or 10am on the Town Square. We’re giving it the first tidy-up of 2018 …. weather forecast is ok. New year, new start, new volunteers – is that you??
Friday 5th 8pm onwards we’re at Buffer Stops. Relate your festive period goings-on (are brave enough to confess ’em?)
Our regular First-Sunday-Of-The-Month Session is NEXT week – ie Sunday 14th Jan, 10am. It’s put back a week to give us chance to recuperate from the festive excesses …..

Fly-tipping …… Rossendale Borough Council prioritise reports we send in & act on ’em asap. Here’s the reminder, folks : please send details of any you spot to us at our dedicated email address. That’s
Just 2 descriptions needed : (1) what’s been tipped ; (2) (especially important!) careful accurate details of location. Thank you!

See you out there!