Spring-is-Sprung Witter!

Dear Crew

We’re startin’ with LITTER!! Issit our favourite subject?? Ummmm ….. well, it’s like this :-
• a couple of weeks of gales (now, fortunately, ceased) have scattered litter to the 4 corners – thank you to the lovely lot who’ve responded to the appeal and put in an extra picking shift. Still quite a bit to go, though – can-u-spare half an hour??
• mass litterpicks – they’re one of the items on our 2019 Plan. More details nearer the time but get dates in t’diary :
1. 30th March 10am ’til midday Waterfoot, Taylor Ave/Wales Rd area
2. 2nd April 10am ’til midday meet at McDonald’s, helping a crew from there (with, no doubt, free brews/chokky biks at the end of it??)
3. 6th April Cowpe
• thank you to Roger-Litter aka Roger Roundell, our Litter Officer, for getting mass-picks lined up (bit-of-trivia – his car strolled through its MOT last week!) And – we may get leaflets printed to shove through neighbours’ letterboxes just before litterpicks (1) & (3) above – – let locals know what’s happening, encourage participation and all that. If we do, help please with the leaflet-shoving. Ta!
• thank you Hoopers on Bury Rd. Heroic Keith, on a one-man mass litterpick, was spotted by Hoopers folk. They made him a brew by way of sustenance and encouragement.
This week for y’all :
Weds 20th March : ‘Tis official! Winter ceases! Vernal Equinox! If you pop up to the North Pole, you’re about to get 6 months of uninterrupted daylight. Meanwhile, back here in Rossendale …..
Thurs 21st meet 10am : the Thursday Crew are on the bypass, the inbound layby gardens (near McDonalds). Amongst other labours, we’ll be chucking bee-bombs. You’ve GOT to bee (sorry) there to discover what that’s about ..(PS bring a mug..)
Fri 22nd meet 8pm onwards : Buffers time is it not?! Free beer for over-80’s if accompanied by both parents and friendly chatter for everyone, accompanied or otherwise.
Mon 25th Bacup Pride meet 10am at the lockup behind Bacup market.

And – just in case you thought that was it – well it ain’t….. so please read on!
1. 30th March – in addition to the mass litterpick, Civic Pride’s got a stall on the Makers’ Market on the Town Square. David Parkin is the chieftain for this event – can you spare an hour to help set up and/or man the stall during the day? It’s for recruiting, for publicising what we do, and for raking in donations. Please contact him on gdparkin@icloud.com or 01706 601409.
2. Save the taddies! An unusual request from member of the public Laura. She’s concerned about 2019’s frogspawn/tadpoles on Marl Pits. They never seem to survive. Email laurawotsit@rocketmail.com or ring 07562 775295 to find out more
3. Have you got (and read??) the 2019 AGM minutes? Thank you to Lynn, our oooh-so organised lovely Admin Officer, for sending them out a couple of weeks ago.
4. Secret Gardeners : the deadline approacheth! Enter your Civic Pride garden for RHS appraisal ; bask in the acclaim of knowledgeable judges! Details from Anne Dixon, our Gardens Officer. Entries close soon.
Happily, that’s it ’til next week’s grammatical perfection hits your inbox!