Spring-glorious-Spring Witter

G’day Lovely Volunteers
(1)Apologies for the late delivery of your Weekly Witterings, caused by reasons of High State (really??). Thank you to Grimmers who, in the interim, kept you enthralled with the splendid CP Monthly Newsletter.

(2)Last week’s Witter had an all-time record number of events goin’ off. This’ll be shorter. Thank the Lord. Just one thing to add – one lucky citizen was in receipt of her first-ever Witter. She described it as “a dam’ good read” which was a salve to your wounded correspondent, whose literary compositions fall victim to a deal of mockery from lesser mortals (for new readers – we take the mickey outa each other delightfully frequently so don’t worry …..)

WEDS 5TH APRIL MEET 10AM on site of Irwell Terrace Baptist Church next to Owd Con Club where our Bacup Pride guys have an on-going project to beautify a derelict site. Nice one Bacup!

THURS 6TH APRIL MEET 9.40AM at the Civic Pride store or 10am on the Town Square, Bank St frontage. Yes we’re aware the fair has parked itself there AGAIN (we honestly do love community events but this fair seems to be a permanent fixture). Regardless, we will finish what we started last week. ALL volunteers very welcome…… Grant, who’s one of our new guys, recommends it!

FRIDAY 7TH BUFFER STOPS 8pm – Yours Truly may not be there so that’s always a social plus, eh?

SUNDAY 10.30AM-3PM BOOK FAIR at Pendle Heritage, Barrowford. A bit of a social-cum-fundraiser in a most delightful historic setting, with the opportunity to browse ‘n’ buy. Heaven!
SUNDAY – for sure, Civic Pride Haslingden will out there. Get in touch with Kathy at kathy.allcock@yahoo.co.uk for more info.

APOLOGIES to groups who’ve got in touch with their events and I’ve forgotten to include them….