Sort of Fortieth Witter ….

Dearest Adherents

40th? Sort of 40th? What’s that about? Well – it’s me little lad’s 40th birthday today. Thus, one is feeling one’s age isn’t one? So having parked up me zimmer frame, I’ll begin …..
Weds 10th Oct Bacup Pride meet 10am at the lockup – should that read “at the market cabin”?? – sounds better than lockup, when you think where Freddie Pargetter is (who??). Anyhow, it’s behind Forget Me Not florists
Thurs 11th Civic Pride Rossie Thursday Crew meet 10am on the Town Square – a really good start on getting it back into shape last Sunday. More of the same today, mayhap??
Thurs 11th Rawtenstall Community Partnership 6.30pm at St Anne’s Church Edgeside (excellent coffee and biscuits!)
Fri 12th 8pm onwards meet Buffer Stops for delightful nattering – guaranteed a warm welcome cos we were even allowed to light the fire last week. True! Thanks to Chris The Bar Manager for a touch of hospitable liberalism …. But we intend to head to Casked afterwards this week (because why? – read on for more info …)
Sun 14th Bacup Pride 10am meet as per Weds 10th ; and on round town digging out bedding plants (we only planted ’em last month, we reckon ….. what’s goin’ on??). This is from intelligence given to us last week, herewith faithfully reproduced. Possibly.
Mon 15th Trickett’s Team 9.30am, TMG Waterfoot. All help gratefully received with this huge project!

More Witterings (MW) now follow …..
MW (1) – Glory Hallelujah – we have, finally and at last, the permission of Rossie Council to build our greenhouse. Grimmers tells me that verbal restraint is needed on this issue so ….
MW(2) – Trees! Free trees! You want to plant trees? Do you have somewhere to pop in 50 of ’em – or know someone who has? The Conservation Volunteers are offering us batches of 50. You don’t need to go thru Civic Pride – go direct to TCV website and head for the My Community Digs Trees section. (PS have you got the landowner’s permission before sticking trees there?? – oh, and get the neighbours at it as well!)
MW(3) – Riverside Walk – have you seen the glorious new paintwork on the Riverside Walk railings and archway? Thank you Civic Pride, thank you Steve for such an excellent job!
MW(4) – Hassy Pride – wow – during the creation of yet another Hassy Pride garden on Regent St, a historically fascinating flooring mural was unearthed. Historical/Archeological Genii are involved (genii = plural of genius – oh do keep up ….) – more revelations will follow, I’m sure.
MW(5) – Casked – probably the smallest bar in Rawtenstall are also our biggest supporters from this particular business sector. Owners Mike & Amanda have sent yet more of their profits in our direction. Please call in and support them.

Can you wait another 7 days for more revelations (“Yes” ?? Oh, ok then ….)



PS last week’s Thursday Crew – 16 of us. Sixteen. A record. Lynn’s running out of flasks …..DO come and join in this merry bunch! – bring your own coffee mug …