A somewhat minimalist Witter

What-ho, Pride People

That’s What-ho. It’s an old-fashioned familiar greeting. Not ho-ho-ho, the greeting pertaining to that “C” word we don’t mention ’til December.

Just one thing, though, whilst we’re on the “C” word – it’s last chance saloon to book in for the C.P. Christmas Posh Nosh at The Whitaker. I believe Aunty Lynn’s just emailed a final reminder. It looks like a pretty good attendance this year but sad to say not everyone’s sent the payment ….. shockin’, eh? If you haven’t, gerrit in speedily please! (I’m writing that in a position of supreme virtue, having nipped round to pay – oooh – at least 5 minutes ago ..,..this is true!)


It’s a bit brief, to be honest ………

Hassy and Bacup Pride groups will be doing their thang this week but no specific details to hand

THURS 23RD NOV 9.30AM MEET AT CP STORE (behind R’stall market) or 10.00am on the Town Square. First job will be refreshing the big boxes on the Bank St side of t’Square plus the two in front of t’Sandwich Shop : weeding, refreshing the compost, winter planting. We’ve a luvly Thurs morning crew and new volunteers will be very welcome, confident of lotsa friendly chat, Aunty Lynn’s coffee an’ getting thi hands mucky.
FRIDAY 24TH 8PM ONWARDS at Buffer Stops. Grand local ales and setting the world to rights – well, Rawtenstall, anyway.

O.S.(1) We got some response to last week’s plea to return borrowed equipment but some trowels, shears and long-handled loppers are still missing. Yes I know someone’ll have borrowed ’em to do a CP task somewhere – but they’ve been gone for weeks now and they’re needed for other CP work – oh, and they’re expensive items. So look into thy soul, guilty party/ies – and into thy garden shed, an’ all – and get ’em back to us. Ta!
O.S.(2) The edge of the M66 verges have been mown, revealing a mass of mucky litter. I s’pose it’s still there. Thank heaven for our Lone Rangers keeping OUR dual carriageways pristine. And roads. And streets. And Paths ……. Can you do a half hour? I know we’ve given out scores – literally scores – of the famous litterpicker devices : does yours need some fresh air and exercise – not been out for a week or six? Go on, fit it into your schedule. ….. and it’d help if you put your efforts on the CP Quick Topic (QT) site so we know where’s been done & where hasn’t. Lovely!


Chris PS Sunday NEXT week will be the final last-Sunday-of-the-month of the year job. Make a note in thi diary and sithee there, 10 ’til 12, Sunday 4th Dec. Details in next week’s Witterin’s.