Solstitium Witterings

To All Ye Volunteers of the Christmas Appreciation Society, Rossendale Branch

This week’s WILL be a brief Wittering (ok, ok, you’ve heard that before ….)
• Item The First : Banners and Fly-Posting.Lone Rangers – please, this is for you lovely lot – a re-statement of what we do. Commercial banners/posters are illegal fly-posting and may be removed but you’re carefully advised to ring/email the owner of such and ask ’em (ever-so-nicely!) to remove them as they’re illegal postings without RBC permission. Banners/posters which are clearly for charitable or community events are left in place. (strictly, they’re illegal as well but we use a bit of common sense with ’em). We expect the owners to remove them as soon as the event they’re advertising is finished. If you’ve any doubts please ring me (07877 211314) or email for advice.
• Item The Second : The Big Poppies. Rossendale Lamp-post Poppy Appeal placed hundreds of these in the run-up to 11th November 2018. Some are starting to disintegrate. HOWEVER we’re assured they’ll be removed at the end of this month so please leave them for now. The organisers did incredibly well getting this campaign together, raising over £14,000 for Royal British Legion. Result, d’we reckon??
• Item The Third : CP on Facebook. Thanks again to Jackie for some excellent litter-related postings this week. They’ve attracted hundreds of appreciative “Likes” and scores of especially appreciative comments. Lone Rangers, you’re much-loved out there! But – please put your doings (so to speak) on the QT site (link below).
• Item The Fourth : Hassy & Helmshore Civic Pride 931 bags of litter filled this year. Go on, get to 1,000!!
Thursday 20th Dec CP’s Thursday Crew meet on Phipps Car Park 10am Finish last week’s task-ettes and go on to the Embankment. Owzat sound?
Friday 21st Dec CP’s Christmas Nosh at The Whitaker 7.30pm. Polish up the tiara, don the best bib ‘n’ tucker! Sorry, if you’ve not booked, you’re – um – a bit late …. we did start advertising it in September so don’t gimme that “I didn’t know about it” stuff perleeze! Any queries, email Aunty Lynn (

Epilogue (1) : there will, unbelievably, be a Christmas Eve Wittering. Lord knows what state it’ll be in.
Epilogue (2) : mark the morning of 28th Dec cos Ben’s organising a Grand End Of Year Litter Pick. Your town needs YOU (pointy finger straight at you …). Young, old and ancient (that’s me) DO c’mon out with us for a grand communal litter-bash!

Luv you all!


PS the title of this week’s Wittering will receive greater comment next week. Don’tcha just love a mystery?