A slightly – um – grumpy Witter

Hiya Troops

Wot? us? Grumpy? Actually, dear volunteers, yes. Lancs Council have let us down again in providing traffic management for RBC’s bypass mow. So it’s deferred – again – which means we’ll have to repeat – again – the essential pre-mowing litterpick. It’s months since the last mowing so we’ll have to litter-pick in grass waist-high in some places. Hard difficult work for CP’s volunteers, using volunteer time which we haven’t really got. Do LCC give a **** about us?? Answers on a postcard ……..

Non-grump nice stuff ….. drive down Newchurch Rd, turn down St Mary’s Way, round the roundabout, onto the bypass – the whole stretch is just a sea of flowers, blossom and beauty. Everywhere. That’s our gardening crews and SG’s (SG’s = Secret Gardeners – remember??). Bless ’em all. [see +++ below …] Ok, to this week’s beautifying ……..
WEDS 26TH JULY meet 10.00am next to Th’Owd Con Club, Bacup. Even if it’s pourin’ down, they tell me!
WEDS 26TH JULY meet 5pm outside Green Squirrel for some tlc on Civic Pride Hassy’s glorious garden followed by work elsewhere in the locale. Then possibly to the Green Squirrel’s interior ??
THURS 27TH meet 9.30am at CP Store or 10.00am on the Town Square. Mix of tasks, to include planting the last couple of boxes of bedding plants. And now fer that +++ bit : we’ve planted approx 1,500 plants so far this year – and that’s not counting barrier baskets & hanging baskets. No, really!
FRIDAY 28TH possibly meet Buffer Stops 8pm onwards. Possibly. Oh, do we have to?? Actually, yes, it’s to get us in training for the next time Barry n Sue bring out a bottle of their utterly delicious-cum-moorish home-brewed rocket fuel. Whooo!
SAT 29TH meet 10am Doals Centre, Weir Pride’s monthly bash. Make yer village look gorgeous, WP guys! (How did the fete go last week??) MON 31ST meet 9am near New Hall Hey roundabout of bypass (that’s the roundabout leading to M & S and TKMaxx). Bypass mowing starts Tues 1st so we’re having to do the bypass pick again. Grump – but perleeze help!

OTHER BITZ : the 70th event up Old Man of Coniston, Weds 26th, looks like being hit by British Summer Weather but we’ll still meet 10.30am at Sun Hotel (or is it Sun Inn??) Coniston as we have a Plan B. And Plan C.

Last word on mowing (is this rubbing it in, LCC? Well, now you come to ask …..). have you noticed how utterly gorgeous our layby gardens are looking? Not just because our gardening crews put 100’s of hours in there but because Civic Pride have stretched their already over-stretched resources & are mowing it fortnightly! CP welcomes you to the valley with a place that looks loved and cared for. Enuff said, we think.