Slightly belated MAY-TIME Witter

Beautiful Good Morning Civic Pride Troops everywhere
A Tuesday Weekly Wittering : my poor little laptop got heatstroke yesterday, curled up in a corner, died. This morning it’s deliciously cooler so your weekly dose of ol’ cobblers is now winging its way to you.
After last week’s rather full programme, it’s a bit quieter on the organisational front. To wit :-
Weds 9th May meet 10am Bacup Pride lockup. 2 good BP sessions last week but, like us, always need more volunteers. Email for details
Thurs 10th meet 10am on The Gyro : some diggin/plantin to finish, with multiple jobs in the shop and on the Haslingden Rd gardens to add to the list. Bring a mug for Aunty Lynn’s coffee break.
Fri 11th meet 9.30am outbound layby on the bypass (back of the railway station) to join super Daisy Group crew. Main task is fence painting plus bramble blastin’ (nearly finished) and balsam bashin’ . We’re winning on the himalayan balsam front, turning the tide back (quote from some bloke called Canute). Litterpickin’ as well. ALL CP folks are very welcome for some or all of today’s session, finishing 3pm-ish. Can we lure you with free morning coffee AND lunch? Good eh! And huge thanks to McD’s for willingly supplying same.
Fri 11th Oh Lordy it’s Buffer Stops again. 8pm onwards.
Mon 14th 9.30am, Trickett’s Memorial Ground (TMG) for the next stage of CP guys’ inspired regeneration marathon.
Mon 14th 9.30am Whitewell Bottom Community Centre, Burnley Rd East : Stormin’ Norman’s gathering locals together to make progress in that part of Rossie. Bring your ideas along!! Possibly on to TMG after??


  • TO ALL LONE RANGERS!! – we ask our brilliant lone litterpicker volunteers to post their latest “pick” onto our QT site (we all then know where has/hasn’t been picked). The QT site’s being invaded by hackers so we’ve now inserted a password which you need to use prior to posting your info. The password is RBC. Don’t worry mother, hackers haven’t got access to these Witterings so popping’ password on here is pretty risk-free. (tho’ actually, if these barmy Witters got into a hacker’s system it’d probably scramble its brains). NB this doesn’t apply to the Secret Gardeners QT.
  • Bypass mowing 22nd/23rd May so, as per, we’ll be doing a big litterpick along the whole length of it 24hrs beforehand. Gettit in thi’ diary please!
  • Waterfoot Co-op Supermarket – two things here : (1) t’Co-op in W’foot donate a big lump of money from their own-brand sales to Civic Pride. Please get in there ‘n’ shop & encourage neighbours likewise. (2)Charlotte’s organised C. Pride money-raising and info sessions 10.30am onwards on 29th & 30th JUNE and would like help ( and also donations of plants, cakes, jewelry to sell. Stellar work!
  • Grotspot – no update on last week’s entry, so no info to pass on 2 U. Wotch this space. And my spelling.

Glorious glorious May – is it everyone’s favourite time of year?? The town’s lookin’ fab – largely thanks to Civic Pride dedicated volunteers. Yes, really.