A Saturday Witter? Wot’s goin’ on here?

Yup, Civic Pride’s T’Witter is going out on a Saturday. We quite understand that this’ll leave a huge gap in your Monday Reading Literature but hey – you’ll cope as you ALWAYS do ….

So this’ll be a brief one. Tho’ first, we’ve got to say thank you t’ Lord Lieutenant for being so gracious on Wednesday, giving Civic Pride our Queen’s Award – a beautiful item it is as well. It’ll be on view on 21st Oct (see last week’s Witter for details on 21st Oct stuff). We were allowed 10 guests for the presentation. We arrived with 11. But that’s CP, eh?? And amazingly – not a muddy welly, litterpicker or hi-viz in sight.

So, quickly :
SUNDAY 1ST OCT – it’s not the 1st Sunday of the month according to CP. See 8th Oct (below).
MON 2ND WEIR PRIDE MEET 6PM at the borders. Weir guys’ll know where that is. If it’s the border with Burnley, take an armed guard, d’you think?
THURS 5TH MEET 9.30AM AT CP STORE (back of R’stall market) OR 10AM ON Town Square. She-who-must-be-obeyed (that’s Pam, ok?) is getting us organised there. (CPride? – organised? …. an oxymoron, we thinks)
FRI 6TH We’re back at Buffers. 8pm onwards. Could they manage without us last week? C U there, guys. Any Pride group, any Pride person. Come and chat.
SUN 8TH meet 10am at the CP shop, 14 Bury Rd (opposite the Fire Station). We’re leafletting local housing to let ’em know about things relating to CP, particularly (but not solely) the Bash on 21st Oct. PLEASE help us to pop leaflets through local homes’ letterboxes. Publicising/recruiting support for CP is incredibly important (if we ain’t got the supporters, we’re nowhere!!).

Thank you to Jean for organising tonight’s (Saturday 30th) Dining Experience on t’ East Lancs Railway. Great fun, lovely CP people from all over Rossendale and if you weren’t there, you missed a grand “Do”! See you at the next one!



PS don the hi-viz! Just DO IT! Your town needs you!