A rather late Wittering to thi’ inbox

Good Evening CP Folks,

Rather late? After a Civic Pride day which started at 07.30 this morn, it just-a-bit feels like that!

Anyhow, Noticeboard stuff – – awfully dull but which y’need to know :-

N’board (1) : Banners!! Pardon the repetition of this but – we’re getting a bad name. 3 phone calls this week from different folk demanding to know what Civic Pride has done with “my expensive advertising banners” We all know said banners constitute illegal fly-posting but please leave them alone. If you have a problem with them please let us know. We’ll get the proper authority to sort it. We’ve had good success on this front already. Thank you thank you!
N’board (2) : Jack’s supermarket Yeah-yeah we’re all fed up with the voting thing but – ex-Tesco, now Jack’s, have a voting machine adjacent to their checkouts for customers to vote for the best recipient of a big £££ donation. Just go into Jack’s and press a button on the machine. The Civic Pride button, o’ course. No purchase needed. Persuade friends and neighbours to do likewise. Go on!
N’board (3) : Free Courses at St Nicholas’s Church. Drystone walling, 1st Aid, Woodland Management, Willow Weaving. All free. For info, email revpennyking@outlook.com or rachael.gildert@valleyheritage.co.uk
N’board (4) : Sponsors. Publicity Grimmers has created a brief but brilliant newsletter to our wonderful sponsors so they know what we’ve been up to. Well, some of what we’re up to. If y’see what I mean. We’ll try to email it out to y’all later.
N’board (5) : School Kids! Barry ‘n’ Sue, our Outreach Team, have been at it big time lately … including sessions at St Anne’s Edgeside and Cribden House. The kids were just lovely, wonderful to work with. Good to hear, eh?

What’s happening??
Tues 28th May Bypass ; THANK YOU to 8 lovely people who totally litterpicked the whole bypass today (Monday) so the grass-mowing can go ahead Tuesday without creating masses of litter confetti
Weds 29th May 6.30pm The Weds Evening Session is on the inbound layby of the bypass (near McD’s). We have a particular weed problem which Aunty Anne wants us to tackle. C U there!
Thurs 30th May 10am Same venue as last night please! (PS Aunty Anne is CPR’s marvellous Gardens Officer – y’knew that, of course??).
Fri 31st June 8pm onwards, Buffer Stops. Discussions may well include a where-the-thump has May gone to? It was April 30th last time we looked ….
Sat 1st June. The longest day approacheth. Summer’s here …
Sun 2nd June First-Sunday-Of-The-Month session. Meet 10am at the Civic Pride store (behind R’stall market) to organise the bringing-in of all the winter planters from around R’stall. Please bring your car cos planters won’t all fit in the CP van!
Sun 2nd June Weir Pride 1.30pm Doals Centre, Flowerpot Sculpture Workshop
Mon 3rd 9.30 TMG The crew continue this vast project. Good news? Charlotte’s got ’em a big Lottery Grant. But …. The National Lottery wrote to Civic Pride’s Chairman to ask if he’s a fit ‘n’ proper person. Really. So that’s that down the plughole, then!
Tues 4th June Weir Pride 7pm Monthly Meet at Doals Centre

C U out there lovely people, keeping Rawtenstall what it’s now become. Which, like our volunteers, is lovely. Agreed??