A Quick Witter for The Weather Gods

Dear Adherent (possibly, Adherents – ummmm – how’s the Membership List doin’?)

Last week, as ever, our Thursday crew had their wellies ‘n’ mufflers on ready for the starting gun and – snow was dumped on us. Have you tried gardening under snow? The session was cancelled at verrrry short notice. That’s the 3rd time in 3 weeks. Even worse, a quick thaw melted the lot a couple of hours later but un-cancelling a cancelled session gets confusing. Weather Gods, we ain’t no friend of yours atm. Just put it right this week. Please??

Weds 14th Weir Pride Knit ‘n’ Knatter, Doals Centre, 9.30 – 11.30. ‘Twas every Tues, now every Weds.
Weds 14th Bacup Pride 10am meet at the lockup, back o’ t’market i’ Bacup. Will they head straight for the coffee shop? Just one way to find out ……
Thurs 15th Civic Pride Rossendale doin’ what we’d planned for last week : meet 10am, bypass layby, inbound to R’stall side (adjacent to McD’s) for garden, plant ‘n’ litterpick.
Thurs 15th all day! Call in for a jar of cask ale at Northern Whisper. Bless ’em, they donate 10p to us from every pinta cask ale they sell, every Thurs in 2018. It’s now possible to sup ale AND feel virtuous. On a Thursday, anyway.
Fri 16th 8pm onwards Buffer Stops …. not been for ages so could be a good nite! – followed by compulsory visits to Casked and N. Whisper……Will we feel virtuous afterwards (see previous item ….)??
Mon 19th our magnificent Trickett’s crew are out again, T’s Memorial Ground – it’s on the Burnley Rd East/Booth Rd junction, 9.30am start. It’s one big project. (do I feel an RHS entry comin’ on there??)

1. The dateline is 8th April 2018. Civic Pride’s at the theatre, all scrubbed ‘n’ posh (possibly). Rossendale Players are at The New Millennium Theatre, Burnley Rd East, Waterfoot with a classy production of “Breaking The Code.” It’s on all week BUT Rossie Players will donate most of Sun 8th’s ticket money to CPride. Tickets, £9, from several sources : Watts News on Burnley Rd East ; Tickets Source (google it) ; Rossie Players’ own ticket line 0792 202 1505 ; and – and – from Civic Pride’s very own thespian, Anne Dixon (47annelotusdixon@gmail.com and 01706 551123). This local company is truly excellent, deserve our support, and you’ll have a crackin’ night out. And they’re supporting us.
2. Rescheduled Great Spring Clean – the weekend of 24th and 25th March, same venues. More details next week – but DO PLEASE COME OUT and help this major attack on our local grot ‘n’ litter. Izzit in thi diary yet?
3. We’ve been Facebook Messaged by a Bacup lady, Tracey Carne. She’s asked us to brighten up the non-too-attractive rear yard of a Nursing Home in the area. We’ve passed this on to Bacup Pride but please let us know if you, dear gardening volunteer, can add to your workload for a while – pass your details onto our Facebook Guru Jackie Taylor (jackie@civic-pride.org.uk). We’ll provide equipment and materials f.o.c. Thanks!
Ok, a quick prayer t’ Weather Gods for this week ….. Civic Pride go out in all sorts of crazy weather but – c’mon, there’s a limit, even for us