his is your Queen’s Award slightly-panicking-in-spite-of-being-totally-(??)-organised-for-Saturday Witter

Hiya Troops and Supporters

Roll up, roll up, getcha lovely bodies down t’Do on Saturday!! Have a look at what your Civic Pride’s been up to and join the celebration, even if it’s just for half an hour. We’d look right Charlies if no-one turned up!! It’s the biggest informing-the-public and celebration event we’ve ever organised so you, dear reader, are asked to take note, come along, help out …..

CELEBRATING COMMUNITY – The Queen’s Award, Civic Pride Rossendale, with sooo many other wonderful voluntary groups showcased!! Saturday 21st Oct 11am to 3pm, Kay St Baptist Church Hall, Kay St Rawtenstall.
1. We’ll be setting up the event on Friday between 1pm and 4pm. All hands on deck please as there’s a lot to get ready.
2. On Saturday we’ll be opening up at 10am to fine-tune the details inside the venue and to put up lots of display items outside. Help needed again, please!
3. Will ALL CP folk with display or other responsibilities please wear CP hi-viz so you’re readily identifiable – it doesn’t matter if it clashes with your best twin set an’ pearls ….
4. Ted Robbins, bless ‘im, is opening the event at 11am. Jake Berry, Alyson Barnes and a number of our councillors will be coming to look at us and The Mayor and Mayoress will be there at 1pm to present us with the Queen’s Award….. that’ll be the highlight of the event, really.
5. We’re making a big effort to inform/persuade the general public to come along, be informed, amazed, fed, contribute ….. and, possibly, volunteer!
6. There’s a buffet lunch, details of our sponsors, presentations and static displays covering most aspects of what we’re about, in-house expert advice for your gardening queries, displays from Limey Valley, Rossendale Responsible Animal Rescue and a host of others, 2 competitions with big fat prizes donated by Rawtenstall Tesco (we luv ’em!) AND your chance to have a look at the 2018 CP Development Plan. And a book stall, plus the all-new Dun-Ro (that’s gotcha wondering….), Friends of Bocholt, loads of chat plus one or two surprises.
7. Afterwards – we’ve only got an hour, 3pm to 4pm, to completely clear the hall and have it ready for Sunday morning service. Bodies (able and partially able!) and vehicles will be in huge demand. Please help out!
OTHER STUFF (in brief – well, sort of brief….)
WEDS 3PM (matinee!) 7PM (evening performance) venue CP shop : a super graphics presentation about Civic Pride’s first 18 years. It’s being shown to other events and interested bodies across the N-W. We need you to be in the audience, either to correct any wrong bits OR to learn about us in case the public ask you a CP-related question on Saturday! Ice cream and albatross on sale in the interval.
THURS 19TH meet 9.30am CP Store or 10am at Haslingden Rd Gardens (same place as last week, finish the job there). Lynn’s leading this one cos neither Pam nor I are available so please support her!
FRIDAY 20TH 8PM it’s Buffer Stops but not for long – early nite for us (now why mite that be??)
SATURDAY 21ST – well, haven’t u read ANY of this ??

Big hugz to all you lovely volunteers – double hug to y’all who get down on Saturday!

Chris PS after tonight’s (Monday’s) gales there’ll be upended bins and litter everywhere. Please make a special litter-clearance effort. Ta!