It’s A Push-Yer-Clocks-Forward Wittering!

Dear Environmental Enthusiasts Everywhere,

Yes, totally true – it’s clocks forward weekend! Spring’s really on its way – light nights, perfect for a spot of eventide picking ‘n’ gardening, think ye not?? (“Yup!”). And to demonstrate that Dear Ol’ Civic Pride Rossendale’s really hitting its 2019 stride, just wrap your eyes round this lot – :

  1. Thursday 28th March 10am meet on bypass layby (same place as last week). If (or more likely that’ll be “when”) enough volunteers turn up we’ll have two areas to go at. Getcha self there to find out more ….
  2. Friday 29th 8pm onwards Buffer Stops NB the station’s being rebuilt so the Family Room’s closed – find us in the bar or Booking Hall. A fascinating session last Friday – really!
  3. All-Action Saturday, 30th March Item (1) : 9am onwards Rawtenstall Market Hall we’ve an all-day stall for vital publicity, recruitment, fund-raising et al. David Parkin’s organising it and needs help to man the stall, especially the setting-up part around 8.30am. Please ring 01706 601409 or email  
  4. All Action Saturday, 30th March Item (2) : 10am Grand Litterpick ’til midday. Meet  junction of Taylor Ave & Wales Rd (Edgeside area). ALSO – we’re letting Edgeside locals know about this litterpick by leafletting 200 houses. We need help posting these in their letterboxes. Please contact Roger Roundell with offers of help 079767 13962 or
  5. Sat 30th again …. put thi clocks forrard!
  6. Mon 1st April 9.30am Trickett’s Memorial Ground crew and no, this ain’t an April Fool (as if we would ….)
  7. Tues 2nd April Grand Litterpick Mk (2) meet 10am at McDonald’s ’til midday ; followed, mayhap, by well-deserved McD comestibles. Please make sure you wear your C Pride hiviz for this one.
  8. Litterpickers and Gardeners – For those occasions when Joe Public chats to say “Thank you” please carry a supply of CP cards and “Just Donate” cards. Email  for details of your nearest stockist!
  9. Facebook – wow! We’ve just hit the 2,000 follower-mark Thank you Jackie for drawing the online world to us with marvellously creative postings.
  10. Dog-fouling byelaws : go to Rossendale Council News section for details of proposed new Orders on the Doggy-doo menace. Consultation closes this weekend so please have a look pronto. Have your say!
  11. Weekend 6th and 7th April – advanced warning so noooo excuses! 6th Mass Litterpick, Cowpe.   7th is First-Sunday-Of-The-Month session on the Embankment opposite Asda (former CP action-gal Helen makes a glorious return for this one!). Details next week.
  12. Environmental Shocker – Greenpeace & World Wildlife Fund (WWF) get involved with occasional autopsies of sealife washed up on UK’s shores. Of the last 50 of these, every single one had fatal amounts of plastic litter in their stomachs. Truly awful.

Just the 12 items then? We really could’ve kept going all night, there’s soooo much going on. However, we’ll be merciful and terminate this week’s ol’ tosh. More next week. Lots of it.