One-Week-To-Go Witter (help!!)

Dear Ol’ Volunteers

You’ve looked at the title of this week’s Witter? Wonder what it’s all about? (to be honest, most folk wonder what any of these Weekly Witterings are ever about ….). Then read on. The solution cometh.

Before that, a bucket of thank you’s …….
(1) to Newchurch Meths Guides, 38th Scouts and Beavers, St James the Less Brownies : marvellous litter-picking and involvement with things environmental ; and to all their unsung leaders (brave souls!)
(2) to Barry & Sue for the (naturally) excellently organised and stimulating Outreach sessions with the uniformed organisations ….. not forgetting the schools, youth clubs and everyone else they’re involved with, names of which have escaped from the brain cell just at the moment
(3) to the crew who responded to last Friday’s Witter Supplementary, spending Sunday dishing out 1,000 leaflets for 21st Oct “do” (see below!)

This week : (sorry, not much info come in!)

THURS 12TH OCT MEET 9.30AM AT THE STORE OR 10.00AM AT HASLINGDEN RD GARDENS (in front of St Mary’s Chambers) We’re struggling to recruit enough Secret Gardeners so we’re having to take at least a part of this area back under the Thursday Crew’s wing…… can you help??
FRI 13TH Buffer Stops 8pm onwards. We’ve got new bars opening in R’stall so Buffers is a tad quieter than it was. The bonus? – we can have a good natter without having to fight our way to the bar!

Don’t be fooled – the above isn’t the total : our Lone Rangers and Secret Gardeners are out doing their thing 365 days a year. And the grapevine sez Haslingden, Weir and Bacup Prides will all be active – check their websites and/or Facebook pages for info.

PLEASE PUT IT IN YOUR DIARY!! Saturday 21st Oct, 11am to 3pm Venue Kay St Baptist Church Hall for a celebration of yer Civic Pride’s Queen’s Award, with other voluntary organisations joining us for a Celebrating Community event. Ted Robbins has been invited to open the “Do”, our Mayor and Mayoress will arrive at 1pm for the formal part, presenting us with the Queen’s Award and our MP and local/county councillors will drop in.
There’s a buffet available, our plans for 2018 will available for members to add to, a couple of simple (gotta be simple if I’m there ….) competitions to – um – well – compete in : and we need YOU, lovely CP volunteer/supporter, to swell the numbers attending. No show without Punch. Or Judy. (or the crocodile….). So join us!

C’mon get out there and do your Civic Pride thing this week! We know you won’t leave it to that anon person aka Somebody Else. (will you?)