Mid-May Meandering (ok, Wittering – but that doesn’t have the same ring to it …)

Good evening CPV’s and Supporters

With luck, you won’t have seen the latest newsletter. Such subject matter – Oh my! (secretly, got to admit delight at our Doggy-Doo Czar’s efforts making such a difference…..). And on the “making a difference” topic, thanks to the bypass crew (that’s a litter operation not a medical procedure) for clearing the whole length of the A682 dual carriageway prior to it being mowed today and tomorrow. 13 bags collected. Marvellous. And hi to new volunteer Tracey.

Ok – this week is ………
TUES 16TH – 2nd Rossendale Scouts out picking. Good stuff guys – and to Barry & Sue for organising.
WEDS 17TH MEET 5PM outside the Green Squirrel pub Haslingden (that’s outside the G Squirrel, not inside – ok??) for gardening session. Please bring your own tools – and well done Hassy for getting the gardening going
Same night, 2nd Rossendale Guides are litter-picking around Crawshawbooth area. No time given but great to see you out there Guides!
THURS 18TH MEET 9.40AM AT CP STORE OR 10AM TOWN SQUARE – our efforts will be divided up to various parts of the town centre but that’s a good meeting place. We won’t be doing any watering ……
FRIDAY 19TH BUFFER STOPS 8PM ONWARDS. Delight in the informative and oh-so-friendly chatter. We’re usually in the Family Room.
SATURDAY 20TH NOTICE OF POSTPONEMENT!! We were going to support the Whitewell Bottom crew in bashing Himalayan Balsam but the balsam’s too immature to bash at the moment. It’s been re-scheduled to 17th June, by which time the balsam’ll be thinkin’ it’s got away with it. Little does it know …..
SUNDAY 21ST MAY – CIVIC PRIDE HASSY are at it again – meet 10am on council car park next to T’Co-op on John St. We reckon they’re going for the 1000 bags of litter cleared in 2017. And they’re well on the way. Those litter-pickers’ve been clicking away like castanets in a Samba band ….. Haslingden, hope y’know how lucky you are having these guys in town. Please support ’em, folks.

Last bit ….. McDonald’s invited us for a pre-opening tour of their premises today ……they open tomorrow 10.30am …….. so two of us went over. They were very hospitable – hey, they won’t make any litter will they? To be fair, they’ve several times expressed a wish to be good neighbours and to work with us. Bring it on!

Last bit Part the Second ….. we’re always delighted to pop details in T’Witter of what’s-going-on with other Pride gangs – send yo’ details to chris@civic-pride.org.uk and in they will go …. it’ll probably ruin your reputation being in such a weird publicity organ but – hey, live dangerously, eh??

Perleeeeze get out there lovely people – do, as the saying has it, your bit. Ta!

Chris PS a note of appreciation for Wittering style & content come flooding in a few days ago. Just the one, but that’s the 3rd this year ….. nice to feel wanted.