Mid-Jan Witter

Evenin’ All

Great turnouts to organised sessions last week – 12 volunteers on Thursday, 15 on Sunday. That’s not counting all those stars out on their own in their own time. We’re so grateful to y’all.

Special well-done to Leanne (one of the Hassy crew). I’m told she single-handedly cleared that appalling layby on the A56, just before the Rising Bridge roundabout.


Weds 17th 10am Bacup Pride meet at the lockup behind Bacup market.
Thurs 18th Civic Pride Thursday Morning crew – attracting more volunteers every week, really making a difference so come ‘n’ join the fun! Meet 9.30am at the store or 10am on the bypass layby, inbound-to-R’stall side. Perennial weeds need yanking out, several areas requiring our tlc. Could be up for two brews – one from lovely Lynn (our volunteer catering manager!) then a McD’s freebie after we’ve finished. Tempted, eh??
Friday 19th – change of venue!! 8pm in Casked (next to the Civic Pride shop, opposite the fire station) then aiming for Buffers at 9pm.

OTHER STUFF (will try to be brief – honest!)
1. Friday 23rd March Mayor’s Charity Ball : 4 course dinner plus entertainment and chance to chat. Venue is The Riverside Whitworth 7pm for 7.30pm tickets £35. This year the mayor is Colin Crawforth who’s been a big long-term supporter of all things Civic Pride so it’d be good to return the compliment. Email me if you want to attend : chris@civic-pride.org.uk or ring on 07877211314
2. Burnley Pendle and Rossendale Council for Voluntary Services would like a Civic Pride representative as a Trustee. Let me know if you can help ’em out – the time commitment is minimal and it could help us to recruit volunteers which is vital to us.
3. East Lancs Railway – if you’re ever at R’stall station you may have seen a beautiful locomotive called City of Wells. ELR are trying to buy it and need donations (whether large, small or tiny) towards the £300K purchase price. Get in touch via their website.
That’s it – other than to say it’s now 35 minutes longer (gettit?) – oh, and ‘orrid January’s half-done!