Mayday Witter

G’day Bank-holidaying folkies
Have you an empty plantpot to spare? Has that gotcha intrigued? Then peruse onwards, dear reader ….. but first we have ……..
WEDS 2ND MAY meet 10am next to Th’Owd Con Club Bacup for the next event, beautifully organised o’course, in the sprucing and smartening of the area. They’re there every Weds ’til – well, ’til it’s done!
THURS 3RD MAY meet 9.40am at Civic Pride Store or 10am on the Riverside Walk (next to R’stall Tesco) : the final time there for several weeks so – can you help please? There’s a lot to do. We were – well, actually, I was – gloating last week when we stood and compared its present cared-for state with that of 5 years ago when we started there. C’mon, be a part of beautifying R’stall!
FRIDAY 4TH MAY 8pm onwards at Buffer Stops. An Egyptian Wanderer will be turning up straight off the plane and will be buying the beer.
SUNDAY 7TH 10am – the first Sunday of the month session – at the instruction of she-who-must-be (etc) we’ll be on the Town Square and surrounding beds. There’s an opportunity for litterpicking fans as well (that’s a given – Sunday morning after a R’stall Saturday night – what d’you expect??) If you’ve not experienced a CP Sunday Session before, you’ll find us to be a convivial bunch! The luvly sense of achievement is the added good bit!
MONDAY 8TH – yet another Witter’ll land in your inbox. Let me know if you’ve a “Pride” event to tell the world about or, more to the point, you want to arrange one. We’ll help you to do it.

OTHER STUFF, BRIEFLY ….. to reply to any of this, ask questions an’ all that – please email or phone 0795511 0199
1. Huge thanks to our Lone Rangers and Rivers Team for all you do. The lack of long-term mess and litter is now very noticeable due to your efforts. It’s been said before but we’re ALWAYS in need of more members of the public to join our litter-teams. Izzat YOU?? Equipment and all support provided.
2. 6.30am Sat 29th April, just happened to be in R’stall – and there’s one of our total stalwarts, Alan Scowcroft, litter-picking as he does every single day at that hour. Go see! He’s the bloke with the unmistakable cowboy-type hat. Cheers Alan!
3. Diary date – Sunday-week, 14th May : mentioned last week as a pre-mowing litter-clearance of the bypass. Meeting details now arranged as outside Hardman’s Mill (the big Victorian edifice adjacent to M & S) 10am. Please help! We’ll be there early on the Monday as well – more on this next week.
4. Plantpots?? (see intro, above) Bacup Pride are organising a dee-lite-ful plantpot fest this summer. Wanna find a good home for your surplus plantpots? Ring Pat Smith on 07751 380 392 or email the guys on If you want to join in they’ll send you details. Some of the creative sculptures being made from pots are just – wow!
5. Drystone walling courses now started (see last week’s Witter) ; more on 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12 May. Details from one of our Newchurch Crew –
6. On Facebook? Tune in to our Civic Pride Rossendale page. Marvellous, luvly, and some heart-warming comments from m.o.p.
That’s the lot for this week gang – all without a word about elections!

Chris PS – someone’s suggested we start a Civic Pride party, stand for Westminster – whaddya reckon??