It’s May-time (almost…)

Good Afternoon Environmental Enthusiasts Everywhere

Daffs in full bloom, bluebells peekin’ through, tulips looking marvellous – who cares what the weather’s like?? Everywhere’s gorgeous, thank you Civic Priders.  …

First – something new – get this …. We get lots of ideas for areas in dire need of Civic Pride’s tlc so we’re starting a GrotSpot Of The Week!! Litter Master Ben’s been out doing a reccy and identified … (wait f’r it ….)

  1. if you’ve a spare few minutes nip over there with picker and bags, get litter from those 2 streets, steps, embankment and – if you’ve a brush p’raps give it a sweep
  2. leave full bags at the bottom of the steps
  3. leave the mattress for RBC to collect (some deadhead’s dumped one there)
  4. let us know what you’ve done, either on the Lone Rangers QT site or email
  5. let the local residents know what’s happening – make sure they see you, and how about recruiting them?
  6. target completion date : 7th May. Can we do it?

MON 30TH APRIL 9.30AM START – TMG team would  love some help (=Trickett’s Memorial Ground, Burnley Rd East, Waterfoot))
TUES 1ST MAY – ooohh it’s May Day. Hey-nonny-noh! Where shall I stick the maypole? (no fruity suggestions, thank you)
WEDS 2ND MAY – 9.30AM all day effort with the Daisy Group – various pieces of bypass beautification with free lunch at McD’s thrown in! Any help appreciated – don’t have to do the whole day ; ring me if you’re lost! 07877 211314
WEDS 2ND MAY 10AM BACUP PRIDE meet at their market cabin, backs onto Market St – or find Forget Me Nots which is at the side of t’cabin (or at least, that’s what Aunty Pat sez an’ she’s never wrong….).
THURS 3RD MAY – 10AM on The Gyro (opposite R’stall Library). Sue Shutt knows what needs doing – dontcha, Sue?? – so we’re taking orders from herself this week. Bring your own mug to sample Aunty Lynn’s coffee.
FRI 4TH MAY – having a Bank Hol Weekend Staycation? Start off your avoiding-the-bank-hol-traffic with 8pm meet at Buffers. Excellent gatherings these past many Fridays. A further delightful dose of Pride Conviviality for Priders from anywhere ‘n’ everywhere
SUNDAY 6TH MAY 10AM the joint gets crowded with ….(3 sessions happenin’) ….

  1. Bacup Pride’s 1st-Sunday-of-the-month bash – meeting place as per Weds 2nd (above). If you can’t find ’em ring Pat Smith 07751 380392
  2. Civic Pride Rossendale’s ditto – meet on the Town Square Rawtenstall which is in need of your magical touch – and if you didn’t know you’d got one of those, acquire one via our amazing on-site tutelage ‘n’ tips!
  3. Civic Pride Haslingden – you’ll find details of their weekly wonder-litter-pick on their Facebook page, no doubt (how was the AGM, Hassy crew??)

MON 7TH MAY go ooon – spare a bit of your May Bank Holiday – help the team beautify TMG (as per 30 April – see above). Charlotte/Liz please let me know if there’s any Bank Hol change of plan ; everyone, check via our Civic Pride phone on 07955 110199. Ta!

All the above supplemented by the wonderful Secret Gardeners and Lone Rangers doing solo taskings all over the place. Ay-maze-ing!

Last thing – has anyone seen 3 banners for a pre-school/nursery which’ve mysteriously disappeared from outside Sykeside and Bankside? Let me know if you have! (

Cheers! – and have a luverly Bank Hol Weekend