This may or may not work Witter

Hiya Troops

I’ve just got a message from Tiny Letter (they’re the luvly people who distribute The Witterings to your inbox) saying I’ve got to do something before I can send this out. And it’s not letting me do it. So Lord knows when you’ll get this week’s Witter. If at all.

Ok, to business :
WEDS 23RD AUG – it’s the Bacup crew : meet 10am at the lockup behind the market for onward adventuring and town-trimming
THURS 24TH meet 9.30am at the CP store (behind R’stall market) or 10am at the Metal Tree Bed (opposite R’stall railway station). Big tidy-up job all round that area, fuelled by Aunty Lynn’s tea ‘n’ coffee, bless ‘er.
FRI 25TH 8pm onwards Buffer Stops for sensible forward planning session (yeah, right). Were you at last week’s session? great fun, and lovely to see Sue & Roger back briefly from their world tour ; and Janette who’s going to set up Civic Pride in Grenoble. Really. (well, somewhere in Europe – she did tell me but y’know what my elderly memory’s like)
SAT 26TH 10am it’s the Weir crew meeting at the Doals Centre (that’s in Weir, surprisingly) – go on, get out there!
SUN 27TH CP Haslingden 10am litterpick : check out their Facebook page for details.

And finally : there is an actual photo in a recent edition of the Lancs Telegraph of Grimmers leaning on a spade. A garden spade. And he’s smiling. Lordy-lordy whatever next??

Now, dear God of The Electronic World, The “Send Now” button’s about to be pressed : let it work. Please.

Hugs t’y’all.

Chris PS Written later – the Electronic God didn’t smile. I’ve done what she asked and – it’s not worked. You’ll get this week’s Witter a week on Thursday.