March Witter

Good Afternoon Volunteers All

What’s goin’ on?? A lot! Read on ……
• Did you hear Stephen Lowe’s gardening prog on Radio Lancs yesterday?? Singing our praises he was. Luvly!
• Money money money (not, on this occasion, an Abba song…) …. 3 lots of it to tell you about :-
1. a nice big fat donation from PayPal – that is, from the Paypal organisation. It’s in addition to the worthwhile flow of donations from the general public via our website’s Donate button. Paypal had heard of us big-time and consider us to be a very worthy cause. Bless ’em!
2. Asda Foundation – Laura Saxton is Rawtenstall Asda’s Community Champion. She’s a big fan of Civic Pride Rossendale. So she entered us into the tokens scheme (you’ve seen the green tokens given to shoppers there, to vote for the most worthwhile local cause??). Anyhow she rang last week to say we’d come out top of the poll and would we go to collect the cheque? Would we and did we?? Thank you Laura, thank you Asda! You may have seen a pik of it on our F’book page (tho’ the pik’s not recommended viewing, let me tell you …)
3. Casked – again! Mike and Amanda rang to say their tips box was full and would we collect?! Would we and did we?? Over #80.00 from them – lovely people! We made sure all their clients were aware of M & A’s generosity, as well – and just happened to stay a while to sample some of their wares …. (we paid for ’em, before you ask!)
• Huge river clearance yesterday from the Irwell and Limey Water. Thank you to the Rivers Team for a great session, a vast pile of rubbish shifted from both banks and the stream-bed. Thank you to RBC’s Town Caretaker Eddie who loaded the lot into his wagon today for disposal. And a positive post from Keith on QT, tackling one of his occasional grotspot areas today, commenting that there was a lot less on the site than last year. Marvellous!
• More help coming in ….. we’ve let y’all know previously that yer owd Civic Pride’s getting a bit big for one or two people to manage, so two more of you stepped up in the last few days. Mike Concannon is taking on the Stores Manager’s role. Elaine Field is tackling the Diversity issue which is one of our big Development Plan items. Thank you, both! Other vacancies are as listed in last week’s Witterings.
This week : (I’ll keep this minimalist!)
Tues 5th – it’s Pancake Day! Enjoy, with Pancake and Prosecco. Why not??
Weds 6th March 10am Bacup Pride meet at their lock-up at the market
Thurs 7th March 10am Civic Pride Rossendale’s Thursday Crew meet at the layby, inbound side of the bypass (near McDonald’s). Lotsa gardening, tidying, plus litterpicking both verges and central res of the bypass. Please support new Gardens Officer Anne Dixon. Thank you!
Friday 8th March Buffering at 8pm onwards for some elegant souls.
Monday 11th March 9.30am – we told you last week – the TMG crew are back on the march (ghastly pun – sorry!).

I’ll update you with C.I.O progress next week. Oh – and by the way – Secret Gardeners and Lone Rangers, DO please enter the results of your labourings on our QT sites (see below).