Let’s Witter On About Pancake Day ….

Dear Santa, Elves and Volunteers

We’ve been assaulted by Christmas ads since July : well here’s another shocker for you. Pancake Day doesn’t happen for another thirteen weeks and already the supermarkets are flogging flour eggs and milk …….. But, back to the current season – THANK YOU to
• all the little elves ‘n’ fairies who’ve been magicking litter off our streets
• gardeners still at it during some ghastly weather
• Sue ‘n’ Pete for a bazzin’ Gluhwein n Mince Pies party yesterday. Was it good? The Gluhwein supply disappeared very early on and reinforcements had to be rushed in – so judge for y’self! Big hugs to our hosts!
• The Woolpack – (Haslingden) : they’re giving a free seasonal lunch to a wonderful local voluntary organisation and they’ve nominated – – – – Hassy & Helmshore Civic Pride! Just saying. No, sorry, no places left – but just had to tell y’all!
• The gang who turned up for yesterday’s site clearance job (it was in last week’s Witterings!). Still much to do but a great start made.
1. Hassy/Helmshore and the Bacup crews are doing their regular thing – see last week’s Witterings for details.
2. Weds 12th 7.30pm Casked Quiz Night – bless ’em they’re organising it in aid of Civic Pride, so please go along if you possibly can and support Casked’s effort. Anything up to 6 people per team, £1 per person entry fee. Half the entry fees go to the winning team and t’other half to us. How luvly is that?? Unfortunately it clashes with the kids’ school carol service so I’m not quizzing – but cos I know nowt and remember even less, no-one’d have me on their team so not much harm done, really…… Will be there in spirit!
3. Thurs 13th 10am Civic Pride Thursday Team on Phipps Car Park (access Phipps from the north [Do-dahs] end of Bank St …. does that makes sense?? [unlikely …]). Bring your coffee mug!
4. Fri 14th 8pm Buffers – join the social crew!
5. Brief? Ey-oop ‘e weren’t kiddin’ …………..
Winter Interregnum …. Please note that the Amazing Trickett’s Memorial Ground crew are taking a break from their regular Monday morning sessions. What a year they’ve had ; and watch out 2019!

Happy Shopping. And Picking. And Card-writing …

Chris PS Gettit in thi diary! Mass End-Of Year Litterpick 28th December, probably 10am, details to follow.