Judgement Day Wittering

Dear Reader of the Witterings
Ok this is it. We’re ‘ere. The Royal Horticultural Society in town to Inspect Our Gardens…… but first, a big Well Done to Civic Pride Haslingden’s crew filling 31 bags with ghastly litter yesterday (Sunday) and shifting stuff too big to go into bags. And never, ever, forgetting our regular Lone Rangers out there every day right across Rossie. Thanks t’you all.

So this week it’s ……

TUESDAY 11TH – one remaining day for our Secret Gardeners (SG’s) who’ve entered their patch into the RHS’s It’s Your Neighbourhood Comp ….. just time for a quick sweep, a final dead-head, a last trim, a pluck of yon sneaky weeds which’ve sprung up ….

WEDS 12TH 9AM MEET ST MARY’S CHAMBERS CAR PARK for everyone involved with the Civic Pride judging. RHS judges’ itinerary in R’stall is then : the Old Fold Garden, Hassy Ol’ Rd, Embankment, Metal Tree Bed and bypass outbound layby. If you’ve been involved, come on down! We’ll finish about 11am.
WEDS 12TH BACUP PRIDE meet 10am by Th’Owd Con Club for some plantings ; there’s a rumour about a party afterwards (sneaky bunch!)
ALSO ON WEDS – more RHS Judges Heavy Mob visitations : 1pm-ish at the Wall of History Garden Bacup for the Bacup Pride entry; and 2.15-ish CP Haslingden, the flower bed by the Green Squirrel (the judges be bribed with ale, mayhap??) It’s Bacup’s and Hassy’s first-ever entry to this comp so all fingers and digits crossed for them, please!
POST-JUDGING PARTY!! 6.30 ’til about 8pm VENUE : The Old Fold Garden* R’stall a bring-your-own-cum-Jacob’s-Join gathering for ANYONE within the loverly Pride organisation who’s done anythin’ to support/help out with The Civic Pride cause this year from any part of Rossendale and ‘specially new members.
*Yeah-yeah to all the smarties who know where Old Fold Garden is, but not everyone knows R’stall that well, ok?? The OFG is between St Mary’s Church & Asda, on St Mary’s Way. Come on over for a wee while, swap stories of the day, tell us how your judging went, meet like-minded folk, havva gossip, trade good ideas – – – very very very welcome!

THURS 13th Civic Pride back at it …… meet 9.30am at the store or 10am at the inbound-to-R’stall layby. Planting, weeding, strimming – the bindweed’s taking a hold and needs telling off ; and as for those docks n nettles ……

FRIDAY 14TH 8pm onwards Buffer Stops, particularly (but not solely) for anyone who missed the post-judgement party on Weds : c u there, ok?

SUNDAY 16TH …. didja get the tiny hint last week? The bypass is being mowed tomorrow (Mon 17th) so we need the usual mass litterpick first. An appeal to all ye lovely pickers, all ye who nobly fight the litter war, meet outside Hardman’s Mill (near M & S) at New Hall Hey 10am. We want to get the whole mile-and-a-bit picked, both verges AND the central reservation, quite a task, so troops please stand ready.
MONDAY 17TH – a very quick follow-up before the mowers start mowing to get late-Sunday’s car-borne detritus. 9am at Hardman’s Mill. Won’t take long.

A memorable week, people – dooo come and be a part of it!