Izzit possible to have a BRIEF Witterings??

Good Evening Dear Reader

A brief Witter? Is that possble? Probably would be – if you lot stopped goin’ out there and doing so much stuff (I can’t keep up …) …
So, to the week in view :
Tues 8th Oct 9am Crawshawbooth Jubilee Gardens (next to the Black Dog) then Hill St playground ; and a litterpick. Can’t get there for 9am? Ring Elaine to see where everyone’s got to (07484 664466).
Tues 8th Oct 10am (slightly more civilised time ….) Balsam Crew, top end of R’stall Cemetery. Not actually uprooting balsam now, just clearing the ground for non-balsam native plants for next year. Good on yer, folks! (PS Thanks Jacqueline!)
Weds 10th Oct 10am Gyro – Annie’s tlc session, needs help (Gyro, big roundabout opposite R’stall library).
Thurs 11th 10am Thursday Crew – back on the Hassy Rd Gardens (opposite St Mary’s Chambers). Just to repeat – you DO NOT need to have any gardening skills wot-so-ever to join us lot. No excuses, then – come ‘n’ join this lovely gang!
Fri 12th 10am Hassy & Helmshore Civic Pride meet at Hassy Market, and go on from there.
Fri 12th 8pm onwards gather ye upstairs in Hop, Bank St. ‘Twas on the news last week that 8.5billion pints of ale were consumed last year. Not all of it by us, y’understand tho’ we made a small but noble contribution to the effort.
Sat 13th Lone Rangers are out with their litterpickers – at all sorts of times.
Sun 14th Wow! We’re Weeding Waterfoot! Meet 9.30am at the arcade, Burnley Rd East. You have zero gardening skills? Not a problem! – basically, we’re clearing pavements of MESS! Love your neighbourhood an’ all that, eh?
Mon 15th Hassy & Helmshore as per Fri 12th.
Mon 15th 10am Monday Crew on the Town Square R’stall
Mon 15th 10am C’booth, Jubilee Gardens
Tues 16th 9am ” ” ” (see Tues 8th for details). But don’t just turn up : spread the word and bring someone with you!
Advanced notice : Sun Nov 3rd 10am we’re clearing ALL the barrier baskets and hanging baskets from R’stall centre, help (plus vehicles) needed please!

Ending this week on a musical note (tra-la) : Abbey Road is back at No. 1 There’s hope for the world yet, then!


PS I’ve tried to be brief – honest!
PPS Thank you Newchurch Methodist Church who had a special collection after their harvest festival service – and gave it all to yer owd Civic Pride Rossendale. Bless ’em!
PSPS It’s cost us £22,000 to keep going so far this year. All donations gratefully received!