Itsa We Want Watering Wittering …..

Your Weekly Witterings Writer Wishes Y’all Well …….
Why? Cos we want (urgently need) waterers! Please contact Watering Team Guru Keith, email for the what how when where. It’s easy. Please do! Thanks!

Was today some Monday? It sure was! To recite some of the doings :-
• A crew in Trickett’s Memorial Ground for their weekly session
• A Balsam Bashing Body, over 100,000 ghastly balsam uprooted in the last 3 weeks
• First-ever session of Civic Pride Crawshawbooth (we think that’s what we’ll call ’em??) in the Jubilee Gardens
• The Old Fold Garden’s regulars rendering horticultural tlc
• Individual gardeners and litterpickers recorded on QT and elsewhere.
• Literally, scores of Civic Pride Rossendale people out today – come and join the mayhem!!
We understand Bacup, Haslingden and Weir all had nurturing teams out as well today. Just how many locals does that add up to? No idea! But it’s clear, more ‘n’ more Rossie folk are getting the message, getting the sleeves rolled up, getting out there. Getting good, innit?!
This week :
Tues 9th July The CPR greenhouse is going up! (this is just for info, it’s all organised [really?] – just go and watch if you want!)
Weds 10th July 6.30pm meet at The Embankment (opposite Asda on St Mary’s Way) with the traditional Weds evening crew. Planting, bark-chipping and strong discipline for a few incorrigible weeds. Probable retreat to a nearby watering hole afterwards. Grimmers is buying. Owzat for temptation?
Thurs 11th 10am The Gyro (fire station roundabout) – probably the last session there before The Judges come to town. Help! (for new readers : RHS judges are a-coming, 30th July) PS please park in the fire station car park, not on the entry slip road (afterwards, all off to watch England-Australia Cricket World Cup Semi-final …. just sayin’ )
Fri 12th July 2pm-4pm We’ve got an info desk at the Pensioners’ Information Fair, venue Kay St Baptist Church. The idea is to grab recruits from the newly and not-so-newly retired. Please contact Suzy ( if you can stand behind the desk and give out our details for an hour. Meet friends new and old, mayhap??
Fri 12th July : Revolution comes to CPR !! No Buffer Stops Gathering tonight – we’re trialling Hop on Bank St as our new assembly point. I’m reliably (??) informed the upstairs has enough space for us. Meet there for a glass of whatever and a natter. New guys particularly welcome.
Sun 14th Watering Teams – not much rain forecast so we’ve thousands of plants to moisten. Please contact Keith (details above).
Mon 15th Lots going on :- 9.30am Trickett’s crew ; 9.30am Crawshawbooth’s new gang ; 10am Balsam Bashers, top end of R’stall cemetery. Email us for more info on any of these (

LAST WORD (oh we’ve heard that before ….) our wonderful Gardens Officer Anne is running extra sessions 10am-midday and 2pm-4pm on most days until Judgement Day [30th July] to get our gardens into Best Possible Shape. For venue details on any day please ring Anne 01706 55 11 23. If you’ve got your own trowel/kneeling mat/spade, that’ll help. Please support her in this remarkable bid!

Was it the last word? Apart from Watering Watering, yes, ’twas!