Itsa Litter Witter

Good evening to all Troops in the Litter War
That Litter Witter thing, and that Litter War cry ….. read on, it’ll make sense (a Witter? makin’ sense? Lordy-lordy …). If you’re seriously old (like me) you’ll know that song “I’ll be with you in apple blossom time” (a splendid slow waltz thing – – oooh the memories). ANYHOW it ain’t apple blossom time : right now it’s LITTER BLOSSOM TIME – all the undergrowth’s died right back and accumulated buried litter can be seen in all its horror. It’s the perfect time to attack it. See 25th Feb, below.

FIRST : thank you to the Beta Group based in Bacup for sponsoring not just Civic Pride Rossendale but also our brothers and sisters in Bacup Pride. It’s thanks to Beta and our increasing band of sponsors that yer owd CP can do what it does in our community. Thank you.
SECOND : serious info bit ….. CP is a charity, registered with the Charity Commission. We have Trustees who check that we behave ourselves. The list of trustees’ duties is in our constitution which was emailed to everyone before the AGM . Our trustees are the 4 elected officers (see last week’s Witter) and two of our Patrons. For 2017, that’s John and Yvonne Malley. Charity Commissioners also check that we comply with their rules. So we are dead street-legal! A bit crazy, but legal ……..
THIRD : Secret Gardeners : thank you to two of our best, Jill and Jackie, brave souls, who’ve taken on the whole of the Old Fold Garden. Secret Gardeners? Who? They’re a small but growing company of CP volunteers who go out in their own time to look after one, or part of one, of our many gardens. But but but – we need more! Can YOU spare the occasional hour? Contact or Ta! Guidance guaranteed : you won’t be left on your own!

Ok, enough drivel : wassappening this week??
THURS 23RD MEET 9.40 AT THE STORE OR 10.00 AT HASLINGDEN RD GARDENS (they’re on Haslingden Rd [what? really?] between Schofield St and St Mary’s Chambers. The mild weather’s been encouraging the weeds. Of course. Not the plants. Just the weeds……
FRIDAY 24TH 8PM ONWARDS a gentle half at Buffer Stops. Roaring fire in the grate again last week – delightfully convivial. Just a shame about the company, really …. otherwise it’d be perfect ……
SATURDAY 25TH 10AM ‘TIL 1PM BIG LITTER-GATHERING! (see the intro, above) MEET WHITAKER PARK BOTTOM CAR PARK – enter via the Haslingden Rd gates. Ben, our excellent Litter manager, has got us organised, in conjunction with our CP Haslingden gang who are doing another area alongside us. This is a special shout out to everyone, especially our Lone Rangers, who don’t often meet so it’s a good chance to be social. Possibly finish with a coffee at The Whitaker afterwards which Ben’s aiming to get organised.

AND FINALLY – we got a most erudite ‘n’ eloquent write-up in the Free Press (FP) this week. Get a copy an’ check us out. The FP make us sound like we know what we’re doin’ . Pity about the photo alongside the article but, as Freddie Mercury once sang, You Can’t Have It All. There’s a heart-warming response in the FP’s F’book section, where the public extol our virtues. Yup, really.

AND FINALLY (PART THE SECOND) : gerrit in thi’ diary….. weekend of 3rd 4th 5th March. Monsta Litter battles raging all weekend, with all sorts of groups joinin’ Civic Pride to de-litter everywhere. Watch out for next week’s Witter. Oh wow.



Omitted from yesterday’s scribings is :-
SUNDAY 26TH FEB PANCAKE SOCIAL 2PM TIL 4PM – as mentioned last week, Sue Reah-Davies is out to conquer the Rossendale All-Comers Pancake Making Record. A lovely social event, thank you to Sue and Pete for being hosts, everyone from C Pride is invited. Their house is on Waingate : directions have been given previously but – – from Rawtenstall market go up Newchurch Rd ; after 200 yds, on the left, is the Spiritualist Church ; immediate left after that is Waingate. S & P’s house is the first of a row of dignified ol’ terraces, theirs being the one which butts onto Waingate. Can’t miss it. The Civic Pride van will be parked outside (bright orange with Civic Pride and Killelea sign-written on it).
See you there!