An Imbolc Wittering – – read on!

G’day Volunteers

The snow’s gone, so we’re straining at the leash to get out there, catch up on the pickin’ of the litter ‘n’ the pickin’ of the weeds. Definitely. Go on!

That heading? Imbolc? A pagan festival, 2nd Feb, marking the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. So, be of good cheer, we’re getting there (btw, by next Sunday, 2 whole hours more daylight …)!

To Do List :-
1. Thurs 7th Feb 10am the Thursday Crew : Haslingden Rd Gardens – this, the 3rd attempt to get there and it ain’t goin’ to snow on us this week. Aunty Pam’s done her sunshine dance.
2. Fri 8th, 8pm onwards Buffer Stops for a nip and a natter. I was the sole Civic Pride rep there last week : just because the joint was under 6″ of snow – what’s happening to CP tough guys??
3. Sun 10th (no time given) Rossendale Leisure Trust have invited us to clear up the Ski Slope. Free cuppas. It won’t be an official Civic Pride session but if you go, please don your CP hi-viz. Ta!
4. Tues 12th it’s t’AGM. See ** below.
5. Downloading & printing …. – see ** below (again!).
6. Sun 24th Delightful Social Gathering – 2pm ’til 6pm at Sue & Rog Shuttleworth’s, 16 Pendleton Ave BB4 8UX (near Alder Grange School). Cheese, nibbles, gin, beer, chat on a Sunday afternoon? Marvellous! (PS if you’re a new volunteer DO come along – we’ll look after you!).
It’s that ** bit ….

AGM Tuesday week, 12th Feb, 6.30pm prompt start at Rawtenstall Cricket Club. Free buffet ; and bar will be open. But – – before the AGM, a spot of reading/printing for you please! Lynn has emailed the following to everyone :-
• the agenda
• minutes of the 2018 AGM
• 2018 constitution. There’s one proposed addition for the 2019 version in section 5.2, to add “Administrative Officer” to the list of officers.
• new (for us) Incorporated status constitution, Foundation model : if approved at the AGM it’ll be sent to the Charity Commissioners for their approval. Once that happens, it’ll become our constitution.
• finance report (going out to you early this week)
Please print and read these emails – they’ll help to keep you informed on the night.

Last bit …. thank you to the guys who helped with the clearing of the shop yesterday ; and who’ve kept going with the litter-picking in the snow! Stars, the lot of you!


Chris PS there’ll be up-to-date info about the shop at the AGM.