An ‘I’ll try and get it right first time’ Witter!

Q. What do you call a man who keeps blowing up his laptop?
A. Blomerley!

Yes it’s true. Our beloved Chair blew up his computer, had it repaired, went on holiday for a week and then blew it up again! Hence the reason that you’ve got me for a third week running! Well, I may get the dates wrong but at least I don’t mistreat my poor little laptop!

Last week’s talk to Probus elicited a £50 cheque and a new volunteer to help out with the greenhouse. It also helped get our name out there so if you know of any other groups who’d like to know more about us, please let me know. Thanks to Anne and Roger R for their help in answering the questions!

Talking of the greenhouse, it’s now on order with an unbelievable discount. Well done Blom! More on that as we get closer to having it erected.

Does anyone want to start a road sign cleaning team? I’m intending having a go shortly but it’ll be easier with two of us so……….

This evenings EGM went smoothly so a big thank you to all those who attended. Both motions were carried unanimously so we can now move Civic Pride forward to build on its already sound foundations.

And so to the coming week.
No date for the first item but it appears that the baskets (hanging and barrier) are starting to dry out and so the watering season may need to start early. More on that if it becomes necessary.

Wednesday 17th April. 10am. Spring Clean Up, Bacup in conjunction with RBC. Meet at the lock up behind the market.
Thursday 18th April. 10am Town Square. Anne’s gone for off for a rest so Mr Christopher Blomerley will be running it.
Good Friday 19th April. 10am. Bacup. Getting the town ready for the Coconutters on Easter Saturday. Plus working with Bacup Nats to work on the Wall of History Garden. Meet at the lock up behind the market. I was in Bacup a few days ago and was amazed at what they’ve achieved. Well done all!

…and that I think is that. Hopefully things will be back to normal next week and you’ll have a ps; pps; ppps; pppps as normal!

Best wishes