Hot-hot-hot Witterin’s !

Good Evening Swelterin’ Troops

Hottest day of the year today, sez the weatherman. And forecast is for …… hotter. And swelterier (Wot?). So :
• First, thank you again to the Watering Teams who totalled an 8 hour shift yesterday (Sun 22nd) taking turns on a rota with our van-based watering system. Yup, eight hours.
• Second – please sign up to help this huge effort to keep at least some of our many plantings from desiccation. Contact Gardening Boss Pam on More details below. Thank you!
This week in brief :

THURSDAY 26TH JULY MEET 10AM ON BYPASS, INBOUND LAYBY – it’ll be watering generally and further tlc to the layby gardens, which’ll possibly include renewing the woodchip mulch. The venue’s on the bypass adjacent to McDonalds, for any not sure …. Please bring a pair of scissors as well as the usual stuff – has that gotcha intrigued? Wotsit about? Guess you’ll just HAVE to turn up! Oh – and don’t forget the coffee mug …
FRIDAY 27TH 8PM ONWARDS BUFFER STOPS for jollities ‘n’ libations with C Pride comrades
SAT 28TH 10AM WEIR PRIDE meet Doals Centre for the monthly meet and action session thru’out the village (how did the fete go, anyone? Sorree I missed it.)
SUN 29TH WATERING – it’s just bound to happen unless the forecasters’ve got it utterly wrong (no laughing, perleeeze). Kindly contact Pam (see above) and offer a time-slot, letting her know when you can help. “Anytime” is a great answer to that one!!
MON 30TH TRICKETTS MEMORIAL GROUND 9.30AM Some of it will inevitably be watering, thanks to a public-spirited neighbour (sorry, I don’t have a name here) for giving us access to an outdoor tap.

Other Stuff :
1. Huge thanks to Bob Killelea and his fellahs at the Killelea garage for service MOT new clutch new radiator on the van, all free of charge. …… very generous and totally appreciated extra support from them, on top of Bob’s ongoing commitment to us.
2. Royal Horticultural Society’s judges – in Weir, Bacup and Hassy last week. Hope it went well and RHS’s It’s Your Neighbourhood ceremony heaps due awards upon y’all!
3. Free Drinks – if you’re out doing your Civic Pride thing, there are now 3 premises offering a free brew : Fitzpatricks, The Hut and Buffer Stops. The latter has been arranged with Buffers chapee in charge Chris (another one, not me!) but – well – it’s for soft drinks, not gallons of gin!! Make sure you’re wearing your CP hi-viz and look suitably work-stained ….
4. Bacup Pride are asking for any help on their latest project : The View, Bankside Lane. Offers to or ring Pat on 07751 380392. Thanks – and bestest from us guys to BP for yet another grand Bacupian effort.
5. Saturday night – some disappointing vandalism to one of Simon’s triangular beds near The Queens and to newly-installed watering systems on the Town square planters. All quickly cleared up. Two thoughts : we never ever ever give up/give in ; and thankfully, vandalism to our work is pretty rare these days. Smile, chin up and get on with it. That’s yer Civic Pride. You lovely people.
And that, as thi’ say is it. No more ’til next week …..

Chris PS and now, yet someone else (no names here!) has found T’Witterings going straight into his Junk Mail. Oh how wounding to Your Correspondent …..