The Highlight Of Your Week’s Reading Has Just Landed ….

G’day Volunteers Everywhere

Yesterday (that’s Sunday, right?) was just delightful. You should’ve been there : a dedicated bunch of Civic Pride vols beavering away making a massive improvement to the Town Square, in beautiful spring sunshine with the Clog Market stalls bustlin’ round us and musical accompaniment from Water Brass Band. And you missed out on that because …..? Special thanks to the market’s coffee stall and to Fitzpatricks for the free drinks to keep us going. Slurp! (PS – Gail, CP’s latest new volunteer, seemed to enjoy the experience, which makes her as crackers as the rest of us)

Just before we add dates, a note to inform you that one of our subscribers gets these Witterings into two of her email addresses, and (she said) it makes her twice blessed. So, nuts to ye who mock these literary scribings, ok?? Ladies and gentlemen, please read on :
Weds 10th May 10am Bacup Pride meet next to Owd Con Club. Details given in previous Witters.
Thursday 11th May meet 9.40 at CP Store or 10.00 on Riverside Walk (opposite railway station). We should’ve finished this last week but didn’t have enough folk with us. This has got to be our last go at this stretch – other areas are in dire need of our particular brand of tlc so we won’t be back here for some time.
Friday 12th 8pm onwards Buffer Stops – a goodly crowd of us last week (quantity and quality) ; this week, who knows?? Try us!
Sunday 14th meet 10am by Hardman’s Mill (the big Victorian edifice near M & Spencer). We’re clearing the bypass before the mowers go in on Monday. Why? If we don’t, litter ends up as hundreds of shredded fragments which blow everywhere and look awful. The grass is quite long so litter may be hiding/buried which makes for a slow job. Lotsa help needed please. Spare us an hour? bring your neighbour? G’wan do it!
Sunday 14th Civic Pride Haslingden out on a big litter sweep most Sundays – no details to hand but we’ll put you in touch if you live on that side of the hill.
Monday 15th meet 9am, same place as yesterday, to finish off any bits of the bypass we missed and any new litter dropped by scrotes since previous day.
Advanced notice Saturday 20th morning. Big balsam-bashing event in Whitewell Bottom. Details in next week’s Witter but there’s free coffee & bacon butties for workers.

Brief Commentary aka Additional Drivel :
1. Dave Dewhurst get well soon mate cos you and She are needed! He broke his ankle in 4 places poor lad, now laid up for weeks – the positive bit of that is that Sheila’s nurse-maiding him. Lucky boy!
2. That dreadful Liz posted an illustrated advert to inform us that 7th May was World Naked Gardening Day. It made me blush. Happy to say, compulsory compliance wasn’t enforced on Sunday’s volunteers …….
3. Thank you Grimmers for the Antidote to Wittering, aka CP’s monthly newsletter. A classic.
4. Last Friday’s Buffer meeting elected Jean Neville as social secretary. She’s doing a Medieval event in Castle Bolton and the CP Christmas Bash and a trip for us all on E. Lancs Railway’s dining train. Watch this space folks!
5. Courtesy of RBC we now have petrol-powered strimmers, hedge trimmers and leaf blowers in the store. Let us know if you want to borrow them for your CP purposes, especially our Secret Gardeners. And thank you RBC.
To mis-quote Looney Tunes, “That’s your lot for this week! *

Chris (* = thank the Lord for that ….. he does go on a bit, doesn’t he??)