A high summer Witter

Hi Luverly People

Are you a Twitter follower (that’s the commercial social media version – def not the dreaded Civic Pride T’Witter, which you’re reading [deleting??] right now, ok?)?? If yes, you’ll know CP has one thousand followers on Twitter. 1,000. Amazin’ eh? Heaps of well-done’s to our Social Media Queen Jackie! She posts some very sharp stuff, new angles on our goings-on, every couple of days. Thanks chuck, from us all! (this ere T’Witter don’t quite match that – at the last count, followers were : the darts team at the Red Lion, the pub cat an’ 3 others – not bad, eh??).

Oh – and I won’t mention that the RHS judges are in town in just 9 days time (12th July). To quote Alex Ferguson, it’s squeaky b** time (that translates as “getting somewhat anxious” regarding impending event of import) so DO please help us out wherever and whenever these next few days so town looks as good as we can make it.

WEDS 5TH 10AM Bacup Pride regular meet at the site adjacent to Th’Owd Con Club.
WEDS 5TH 7pm meet at the Haslingden Rd Gardens – St Mary’s Chambers area – Latter Day Saints gardening crew out maintaining that huge area we dragged out of Jungle status last year. They’re a luverly bunch and will give you a huge welcome.

THURS 6TH meet 9.30am at CP Store or 10am on the embankment opposite Asda. Sue C-R’s making an amazing start on it this week but we’ll have a big weeding/cutting back/shifting stones/planting bedding-out plants (loads of ’em) – and if (if) we get it finished there’s a ton of other taskettes in the immediate area demanding our attention. So please come an’ help (Grimmers bought the coffee last week – splendid chap – won’t tell u where he got it from…..)

FRI 8PM ONWARDS Buffer Stops will be our destination for certain indulgencies (sp??). Join the gossip gang! (or will you be the one who’s being talked about?)

SUNDAY Hassy Pride litterpick. No details but email Kathy for info (see last week’s Witter).

• Please remember Hon Vice Chair wants your nominations as to who should go to the QAVS presentation shindig on 27th Sept. Up to 5 names, them theer wi’ most nominations’ll go to County Hall. Denis the Menace’s in the lead so far. So, your noms to roger@civic-pride.org.uk Gooo on – get thinkin’!
• Pre-mow litterpick – 2nd bypass mowing of the year, 17th July. We’ll do a mass litterpick of the bypass the previous day Sunday 16th – details t.b.a. but probably in the morning, meeting at Hardman’s Mill (adjacent to M & S). We’ll follow it up with a quick blast early on Mon 17th. Oh – and have you checked our laybys – contractor Adam Millward making a lovely job of mowing the laybys for us so everyone can see the layby gardens in all their wonderfulness!
• RBC have lotsa bedding-out plants for any Secret Gardeners who want to brighten up their area – well, that could include any CP folkies now who want to improve a little spot (no, not thi back garden, mother) as it’s getting late in the season for planting them out and we don’t want ’em going to waste. Details from me (07877211314) or Pam (pam@civic-pride.org.uk)
That’sa lot for this week, folks!

Chris PS did I mention the QAVS Bash for everyone – volunteers from everywhere, sponsors, supporters … Sat 21st Oct, 11am til 3pm, wi’ Mayor, Mayoress an’ t’ Corporation arriving to add bit of gravitas and culture to the main event at 1pm. I mentioned it already? Ok, I won’t say owt, then. More details to follow. But it’ll include free buffet. Pies ‘n’ stuff. Wow!