Heat-Wave Witterings

Hi Troops

The heading? Gotta admit it’s a bit warm! Too warm for CPR’s volunteers?? No chance! So, this week :

Tues 27th Aug 7pm Rawtenstall Cricket Club Our excellent Vice-Witterer gave the info last week but here’s a quick repeat : your CPR has organised a party-cum-social-cum-get-together to celebrate our achievements in getting the town up to scratch for RHS. We did pretty well so come and natter, meet your fellow volunteers, find out what’s going on – with a free buffet and before-and-after slide show. C’mon down!
Weds 28th Aug 10am Mytholme play area, Waterfoot to continue one of this summer’s projects. Come oooonn Waterfoot!
Weds 28th 6.30pm Help the Weds evening crew on the Gyro (Fire Station roundabout) with Our Annie in charge.
Thurs 29th 10am Town Square for the Thursday crew. You’ve only got to look at the place to see what’s needed ……
Fri 30th 8pm onwards, hop into Hop. Yours Truly ain’t there for the 3rd Fri in a row but someone interesting will be!
Sun 1st Sept Watering Team – no prob if you’ve never done this before – please just contact Keith to offer help. It’s unlikely we’ll have enough rain between now and Sunday for our planters and baskets. keith3655@btinternet.com
Mon 2nd Sept 9.30am Trickett’s Gang. Burnley Rd East Waterfoot.

D’you know where August went to? Or July? A classic CPR summer so far though!

I’m off to watch the Test match highlights. Again. Oh boy!!