It’s gone an’ it’s on its way ….. is this a weird Wittering??

Hi Civic Pride Boddies

Yup, shortest day’s gone and Springtime’s on its way. You’ll be oh-wow’d to know that compared to the shortest day, today 8th Jan had 20 mins more daylight than the shortest day. Dig out the suntan lotion!

Have you seen any daffs and bulbs starting to poke through?? We’ve planted thousands of ’em round the borough so – – Jackie, our social media guru, Facebooked a pik of some a couple of weeks ago. Marvellous.

Oh – and we’re in the Free Press twice this week. Thanks guys – but well, to be honest, it’s richly deserved by our luvly volunteers. The Scribbler seems to like us.

This week ……
• Weds 10th 10am Bacup Pride meet at the lockup behind the market. How’s it going, guys??
• Thurs 11th Civic Pride Rossendale meet 9.30am at the store or 10am at the Haslingden Rd gardens (in front of St Mary’s Chambers) for a tidy-up. Good weather forecast.
• Fri 12th 8pm onwards – join the notorious gathering at Buffer Stops (rollickin’ good chatty/social “do” last week…)
• Sunday 14th – c’mon luvvies, it’s the – um – first Sunday of the month – well, ’tis so on our calendar. We always have a session on – um – first Sunday of the month! Meet 10am on the inbound layby of “our” bypass for some restorative digging and planting (really!), some tidying and a good ol’-fashioned litterpick! Something for everyone to do then, and someone’s bound to blag some free coffee out of the nearby McDonald’s. What’s not to like?
Two last things (just the two …. really …)
(1) we’ll be in touch with really sensible stuff about equipment audits and access to the store …. we do sensible sometimes.
(2) oh – – – just say NO! The latest development proposal for the Town Square, aka Spinning Point Two, is awful. Every scrap of green, of planting, of thousands of hours of C.P. volunteer-time, is going under concrete. Nothing will be left. It looks like buildings right up to the edge of the Bank St pavement. Don’t take our word for it. Look at the planning submission via the Free Press or via Rossie Council Planning or go to Futures Park to see the plans for yourself. Do nowt, it’ll happen. Is that what you want the centre of your town to look like?


Chris PS Huge thanks to all the Lone Rangers who’ve tackled the litter this week – especially those who’ve posted it on our QT site. If you don’t know how to get on there, email for easy-to-follow details. Like, really easy!