Flamin’ June Witter (well, it will be soon mother)

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and those associated with Civic Pride

Itsa very crowded Witter this week, amazingly brief in the circumstances. Just to share with you : your correspondent is packin’ up right now, to remove. Again. He’s a bit tied up, so this’ll be brief to the point of curt but hope you’ll forgive the curt. Thank ‘ee!

HUGE amounts goin’ on so – – do-do-do join in and make where YOU live look better (your reward will be in heaven ….. or in Buffer Stops..)

TUES 30TH MAY 7PM Haslingden Rd Garden (outside St Mary’s Chambers) – Tracey’s Team from Latter Day Day Saints will be there trimming and tending. Bring your own gear if you’ve got any but – our Tracey will have some spare if you haven’t any, but still want to join in.
WEDS 31ST MAY 5PM it’s the Hassy Crew (who we lurv so much) fettlin’ flowers, starting outside the Green Squirrel. They don’t have their own gardenin’ gear yet so please bring your own. Come on Hassy!!
THURS 1ST JUNE it’s a half century since Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club band was released, exactly, as of today. Some of us will be feeling full of gentle reminiscence (aka nauseatin’ nostalgia) – others will be doing CP stuff, as in …..
MEET 9.40AM CP STORE OR 10.00 OLD FOLD GARDEN – this is one of CP’s entries into RHS’s national comp so please come along to help in Jill & Jackie’s garden. All equipment and delightful hospitality provided, amidst lovely people and surroundings.
FRIDAY 2ND JUNE 8PM ONWARDS AT BUFFER STOPS Crackin’ session last week, and Grimmers got the crisps! Warm n lovely get-together.
SAT 3RD JUNE 10AM – we think itsa Bacup Pride meet at the History Garden adjacent to the Hist Museum. Not heard from ’em but check out by emailing bacuppride@gmail.com or their F’b page.
SUN 4TH – OYEZ OYEZ CITIZENS IT’S 1ST SUNDAY OF THE MONTH! 9.40 at CP Store or 10.00 on the Town Square for the monthly classic. It’s been going on for 18 (eh? eighteen?) years, Sunday no. 1 of the month, and we need a Big Troop out. Planting, weeding, a big tidy-up, make your town bloom and look gorgeous!
SUN 4TH WEIR PRIDE 1PM DOALS CENTRE plantpot sculpting for the marvellous plantpot fest across Bacup & Weir which is imminent. Help to make it happen!
SUN 4TH – no CP Hassy litter-clearing session this week so, lovely citizens, go out solo to clear a bit OR come to join your bros & sis in R’stall on the Town Square …. it’d be lovely to see you there with us. It really honestly would.

1. 30th Sept Civic Pride Dining Train – details sent out earlier this week BUT you’ve just 2 weeks to reply to jeaneville@gmail.com to have a rollickin’ good evening aboard East Lancs Railways’ classic. Very limited tickets. Open to any CP supporter and spouse/partner.
2. This is seriously serious …… we have the date for The Royal Horticultural Society’s Judges (they, we hope, not wearing the black wigs ….) coming to town to judge our gardens for another CP bash at this National Comp. 12TH JULY, JUST 6 WEEKS AS OF NOW – can you and we get the green stuff prep in that short time, especially when it’s maximum weed-growing season and, somehow, not max plant/flower-growing time?? It’ll be followed by a bring-your-own in the OFG (= Old Fold Garden, the one with the clock tower, right?) later that evening which is always a wonderful post-inspection celebration.
3. Brilliant effort from 38th Rossie Scout group’s Beavers who went out with Sue & Barry (they’re CP’s Outreach Team) last week and did amazin’ litter-picking work along Bacup Rd. Just – just – well – just thank you everyone. Delighted to have you with us!
Any other CP groups got something going on? Send me your details (no luv, not those details) and ruin your event by having it in T’Witter. A’right!

You are soooo needed. Really. Join the effort. Hugs to y’all.