All fired up ‘n’ ready to Witter

Let’s please say a big Thank You to Grimmers for saving the day last week. My laptop was in non-co-operation mode. He, dear lad, took over at zero notice, when it was way past his bedtime ….
Ok, me laptop’s stoked up on best Welsh steam coal and ready to – um – do this stuff.

If you think we’ve all gone on Summer Holidays, oh no we haven’t!

Weds 7th Aug 10am ’til 12.00 Mytholme Play Area, adjacent to the bus turning circle in Waterfoot. The play area’s a fairly recent build but sadly, with no aftercare plans. Result? Weeds, litter, bloomin’ balsam, abandoned flower beds is the result. So CPR steps forward. Please spread the word round Waterfoot – and join in the rescue job!
Weds 7th Evening Crew 6.30-8pm Haslingden Rd Gardens (by St Mary’s Chambers)
Thurs 8th 10am – midday The Thursday Morning Crew gird up their loins once again. Hassy Rd gardens (as per last night). Please note – you don’t have to be an expert gardener to join in with this lovely bunch of people. Can you hold a brush?? Ok that’ll do for starters! Sithee theer!
Fri 9th 8pm onwards we once again investigate the Hop premises, upstairs area, for a gossip (not me this week – I’m camping wi’ grandkids. Whoopee!)
Sun 11th all morning, possibly, The Watering Team. Keith will check the weather and let us know.
Mon 12th 9.30 -12.00 TMG Waterfoot. At this, one of many RHS-inspected gardens, the work resumes.

Essential Other …
(1) Thanks! To the Fire Station Lads for a grand Open Day yesterday and to Pam Janet Kate and Roger R for manning the CPR stall there all day.
(2) 26th Aug 9.30am Crawshawbooth crew resume. It’s the Jubilee Gardens and mebbe the Hill St playground. Lots of £££ to build the playground but – erm – no aftercare plan. CPR are on the case. NB this is the 1st after-the-holiday organised session but we know individual residents are active there throughout August.
(3) Probable 26th Aug, evening event, a CPR celebration of last Tuesday’s RHS Judges’ Visit which went extremely well. Details to follow but it’s at Rawtenstall Cricket Club. Open to EVERYONE who loves CPR!
(4) Sat 31st Aug evening : 50th anniversary bash of Anthony & Patricia at The Whitaker. We’ve mentioned this before. They’re donating all the proceeds to 3 local charities. CPR’s one of them. Tony’s asked for CPR folk to help on the night and so far we’ve only got one. If you can help, please email urgently. Also, tickets for the event are available from their premises on Bank St (opposite Do-Dahs). Please support.

Look out for a sensible and coherent Witterings next week. Why? ‘Cos Roger takes over again as author, poet and muse. Can you wait ’til then??



PS Lone Rangers and Secret Gardeners (we know what they do ain’t really a secret!) will be at it every day, all week. Thank you to ’em all!