It-Feels-Like-Spring Witterings!

Good Evening Sunstroke Folks!

What glorious weather! Sadly, there’s a downside – Civic Pride’s Watering Team looking anxiously at the rapidly drying-out hanging baskets …. but for the rest of us, marvellous weather for litterpickin’ and pulling on the gardening gloves. Hey!

So we’ll start with the week’s doings and follow that with the Other Vital Bits Of Info. Don’t miss a word …..
Thurs 28th Feb 10am …. same as last week! Aunty Sue’s got us organised, so meet at the Hurst Lane end of the footpath which runs along the top of Rawtenstall cemetery, between yon cemetery and Alder Grange School.
Fri 1st March 10am a mass waving of daffodils (it’s St David’s Day….) – choose your own venue. Get the neighbours to join in ….
Fri 1st March 8pm onwards Buffer Stops for – umm – well, ask any one of the dozen who turned up last week! We’re usually in the Family Room.
Sun 3rd March 10am It’s our First-Sunday-Of-The-Month bash! Meet on the old packhorse bridge which crosses the R Irwell next to B & M on Bocholt Way. We’re doing a river clearance whilst the water levels in the rivers are well down. Bring wellies – and waders if you’ve got ’em (we’ve got one pair of Civic Pride waders – errmmmm – where did we put them ..??). Followed by coffee at Fitzpatricks, mayhap.
Sun 3rd Mar 3pm Weir Pride Defib/CPR training by the wonderful First Responder volunteers. Venue – Doals Centre, Weir.
Mon 4th March 9.30 start The Tricketts Memorial Ground crew commence their 2019 campaign : a 3rd wonderful year of transforming the once-neglected gardens. Find them at the Burnley Rd East/Turnpike/Booth Rd crossroads.
Mon 4th March 10am Weir Pride Arts Club (yet another string to WP’s well-sprung bow!) meet Doals Centre.

Other Vital Bits Of Info …
OVBI, The First : thank you to Sue ‘n’ Roger for hosting an utterly delightful pre-tour event at their house yesterday afternoon for Civic Pride’s volunteers. There’s more to CP than litter ‘n’ gardens, n’est-ce pas??
OVBI, The Second : Vital bit – yup, really! Last Thursday, CP’s trustees met to vote unanimously to implement the directive from the AGM to change our charitable status. Our new constitution will be forwarded to the Charity Commissioners asap.
OVBI, The Third : Another Vital Bit – really really! Overall strategy for keeping CP on track lies with our trustees ; the day-to-day organising is tasked to CP’s Officers (as listed in 12th Feb 2019 AGM minutes, sent out earlier today). Officers are supported by a number of managers. We have manager vacancies which urgently need filling. Can you help?? The full list is :
• Greenhouse – Mags
• Watering Team – Keith
• Stores – Vacancy! Please can you help?? Urgent!
• Sponsors and Just Giving – Vacancy! Please can you help??
• Engineering – Duncan
• Outreach Team – Sue & Barry BUT always in need of extra support (Outreach go out to the young generation, schools, youth clubs, cubs/scouts/guides/etc)
• Dog Signs – Keith
• Social Media – Jackie
• Rivers – Josie & Eddie
If you want more info before saying yes to the above vacancies/extra support wanted sections please get in touch – Likewise if you want to get more directly involved with something that ain’t on our list at the moment.

Are you all asleep now?? More somniferous** ol’ tosh next week! (that ** bit – just look it up, ok??)


Chris PS thank you Grimmers for penning last week’s Witterings – well up to standard, we thought …..(be nice to him for a change!)