Ey-oop it’s T’Witter (geddit?)

Dear T’Witter Readers

THANK YOU Ann Suz Keith Simon for remarkable bulb-planting on Sunday – hundreds of ’em gone into St Mary’s Way central res. Laura Saxton came out whilst we were there. Laura is Community Champion at Asda. She really tries to help us. On this occasion she came with a £500 cheque. Bless you, Laura! Unfortunately, Asda management have the opposite attitude. Nuff said.

THANK YOU to Lone Rangers who cleared R’stall centre prior to Remembrance Sunday Service at the War Memorial which hundreds of locals attended. R’stall looked marvellous.

THURSDAY 17TH NOV MEET 9.40AM AT THE STORE OR 10.00AM AT THE METAL TREE BED/RIVERSIDE WALK. We should’ve finished it last week but the weather gods chucked a couple of inches of rain on us ‘eads so – we WILL finish it this week. Several regulars awol this week so any less regular volunteers will be highly welcome! (PS Tesco – hope to see you, darlings!)

FRIDAY BUFFERS – I’m not there which is as good a reason for going as I can think of. Half a dozen of us last week, round a very pleasant fire blazing in the grate!

LONE STARS WE NEED YOU! We’ve got some but need MORE! – Volunteers to take charge of any one of our many garden areas. “Taking charge” is popping along whenever you’ve a few minutes to do a bit, persuading a few friends to help you and letting us know of any plans you’ve got for it, especially if you need a CP team to help or need money for plants or a larger improvement. Reply to this email please if this is of interest. Thank you!

8th Feb Civic Pride AGM
3rd 4th & 5th March – Great British Spring Clean, linking up with all our many “Pride” groups across the valley and with RBC and Keep Britain Tidy. Our similar effort earlier this year made a major impact on our area and next year’ll be EVEN BETTER – with your help!

I’m off out to see the super moon. If, that is, there’s owt to be seen through the mist, murk an’ drizzle …. 🌧 . Tomorrow’ll be fine. Honest.