Ey-oop it’s T’Witter agin ……

Good evenin’ lovely people

Thanks to David, Lynn, Duncan, Ann, lovely lady from Tesco (very very sorry have forgotten your name – but you were brill!!) – they all laboured on last Thurs in cold soaking rain. Again .(this Thurs’ll be sunny …)

This week –

THURS 24TH NOV MEET 9.40 AT STORE OR 10.00 ON THE TOWN SQUARE. We’ve got a lot of late Autumn tidying to do, and (hey gosh!) some planting as well. This week, no rain. Ok, Met men?? Terrif Tasty Tesco nibbly bits ‘n’ warming flasks on hand JUST for the guys who turn up!

FRIDAY 25TH NOV 8PM ONWARDS BUFFERS – another week when absence makes it difficult for me to buy all the drinks – but I guess someone’s bound to be there!

DATE F’R DIARY next week – SUNDAY 4TH DECEMBER PROBABLY ALL MORNING – John Malley has offered a supply of rockery stones, bless ‘im, to finish off the embankment rockery. I’ll hire a van to shift ’em but will need help with loading/unloading and, inevitably, making the final stretch of rockery. Some of it’ll be easy work, suited to non-muscly types – I tell the truth here! Really.

More Ol’ Tosh (1) Delited to see someone got that T’Witter title last week. So it’s repeated this week – can’t think why ……
More Ol’ Tosh (2) Lone Stars to take on individual gardens perleeze! Details given in last week’s Witter. We’ve got some response BUT we’re also looking at small groups, rather than individuals, getting together to take on a garden or two. Interested? Call our Gardening Guru Helen 07595985309 or 01706 231070.
More Ol’ Tosh (3) This Saturday, Christmas Market and Christmas Lights Switch-On, centred on our Town Square. Open ’til 8pm.

🎺🎺END ON A NOTE OF TRIUMPH! Yet more awards from Royal Horticultural Society …..after some small confusion, we’ve also got an It’s Your Neighbourhood Award for the Old Fold Garden. 85% scored – “Thriving” Award. Well – yeah! One more point – just one – 86% – would’ve got us the top “Outstanding” award. Next year …… – someone take this on? See “Tosh (2)” section, above! D’you fancy it??


Chris PS Thank you Mr Grimshaw for the Newsletter. Hope y’all read it!